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Toto Washlet

Well, let’s stop talking nonsense about saving trees and the environment. You’re here because almost everyone you know is talking about how good their new tub or sink is. Of course, you’ve heard that there are smart toilets you can use. You’ll never risk your fingers over toilet paper again. And it’s true.

As you know, toiletries are never cheap. It’s more expensive than all the regular two-piece toilets in your house. But you’re not upset about that, no matter what, you’re determined to get all the amenities.

So: you start looking for information about Toto Washlets because everyone is talking about it. You’ve already made up your mind. But do you know which Toto Washlet is right for you?

TOTO Washlet G400

You can stop searching now, because this article will take you through the entire Toto Washlets series. Finally, you should have a good understanding of how Washlets work and all the great features of Toto Washlets.

Top 10 basic Toto seat models

TOTO offers a total of 10 basic bathroom sink models. The cheapest range starts with the A100 and to the multifunctional S350E and S550E. These are bathroom sink seats that can be adapted to existing toilets.

If you have the Toto G400, a toilet without a water tank, integrated. It doesn’t belong in any category, it can provide comfort and beauty in any modern bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, it’s also a great way to save space.

10 basic TOTO Washlet models

When you’re replacing or remodeling your old toilet bowl, the TOTO G400 toilet bowl is a good choice. With its matching upscale bidet seat and the unique function of the TOTO full toilet, it provides excellent value for money.

Now, to help you better understand all the Toto Washlets, here are the models categorized into their respective classes.

For example, the S350E will have 3 different models, each to a different type.

Toto Washlet A100 on the extended WC bowl. As you can see, the rich features of the Toto Washlet cover almost every aspect of the WC you need. All for hygiene and comfort.

Initially, you can always start with the basic A-100 model, find out what this bidet can give you before you switch to a more advanced model. But here’s a warning: once you try it, you won’t go back to toilet paper. It’s perfect.

Some features speak for themselves, and you can intuitively figure out what they are. Some people may confuse you, such as detergent, water stain remover, and premix. Washlet hides the power cord and water hose. This makes the installation seamless and makes the overall look neater. Also, the toilet is easier to clean if the power cord and hose don’t hang down.

This bidet is not only for aesthetics, but also for protection from curious pens or pets. So it is not only a matter of appearance, but also for safety reasons.

TOTO self-cleaning function

Important note: All Washlet models are only suitable for certain types of toilets.

Before you clean up after yourself, sprinkle water on the surface of the bowl. The water film on the glaze helps reduce stubborn waste stains and helps remove them better. With this feature, you will find that the bowl will be cleaner with each rinse.

Finally, the heart of the Toto Washlet is the magic wand. The oscillation and pulsation feature provides a short water pulse to clean after you’re done. In fact, that’s the point of the whole TOTO experience, making you forget about the high price you paid for this bidet.

Magic wand

While the basic model is sufficient for some users, it may not be enough for others. It all depends on your needs. For example, if hygiene is your top priority, you may want a full transfer cycle that automatically opens and closes the lid. This way, you can minimize the possibility of contamination by touching it.

It is a good idea to wash the toilet bowl with water after each use. In this way, the sanitary level of the bowl is further improved. Of course, do not forget the cleaning machine, it will spray clean water every time. Yes, water is also used to clean the wand. If the smell is unpleasant, consider using an automatic air deodorizer. It keeps the air in the bathroom fresh and comfortable. This way, the next person doesn’t have to wait for any odor to disappear before using the bathroom. Save precious time. This feature is very suitable for poorly ventilated bathrooms or toilets, such as those under stairs or in storage rooms.

There are also some features that may prove useful. You just have to figure them out. This will help you to choose the right mode. Of course, if you like all the features, the S500E and S550E Classic are the right choice if you have an extended toilet.

Still don’t know what features and Washlet model you want?

Toto bidet Washlet features explained, mean

Basic functions are available on all models, so you can skip them and focus on the advanced features. With the exception of the A100 and C100, all other models are equipped with a wireless remote control.

If you, like most users, are focused on warm air drying, automatic deodorant, then you only need to focus on two products – C100 C200. But between the 2, the C200 is highly recommended. The price difference is quite reasonable, if you’re lucky, you can buy the C200 for almost the same price as the C100.

If the automatic open/close lid, drain pipe or automatic cleaning wand prompts you to look for a TOTO bidet – check out the S300E, S350E and the new S500E and S550E. These 4 bidets have just about every feature. Of course, the price is much higher.

How to choose a TOTO, TOTO best features

The S350E S550E has two features that the S300E S500E lacks, namely automatic lid open/close and night light function. So if you need these features, choose the S350E S550E. In terms of price, the difference between the S350E and S550E will be about $100 to $200.

TOTO S550E vs TOTO S350E

In short, the functions are similar, but there is a big difference in the seat design. Compared to the 4-13 / 16-inch modern S550E S350E, the S350E remains the thinnest at 3-15 / 16 inches tall. The classic S550E seat is 5 inches thicker and looks very similar to the S350E, with a beveled edge along the top of the cover.

With the exception of the S350E round seat, the difference in width and length is only 1 inch. The length of the S350E round seat (model SW58301) is almost 2 inches shorter.

Both the classic and modern S550E model sink are optional seats. If you need a round seat, you only have the S350E (model SW58401).

The S550E has higher power consumption than the S350E. You choose the S350E bidet with 1,288 watts more power, not 835 watts less. The S550E remote control is slimmer, with touch buttons and an LCD screen on the back. It looks smoother than the S350E.

That’s the difference between the S350E and the S550E, remember! S300E and S500E, you will see similar differences.

If you want a compact gravity toilet that fits in your small bathroom and like a bidet seat, you should consider the G400 or G500. The tankless design is a real attraction compared to tank and bowl toilets.

TOTO Washlet G400
TOTO Washlet G500

TOTO Washlet G400 vs G500

Toto G400 vs G500: The G400 is an enhanced version of the popular G500 (now discontinued) with the addition of the Premist feature.

Although the Washlet’s features are not as extensive as the S350E’s, it can still serve you well and improve your overall bathroom hygiene. Some people think it’s an expensive filler between the nearest and high-end water tanks and toilets. Considering the prices of these two, this assumption is reasonable when the price of a toilet bowl sink is about $2,000 per unit.

So if your budget for a new restroom toilet is a bit far-fetched, the G400 is the next best choice. Excellent rinsing ability, not lacking in the characteristics of a standard TOTO detergent.

Before you want to click the “Buy” button, check to see if your toilet fits the model you have chosen. This step is easy to overlook, and it’s also a common mistake people make. Later on, when you discover that your toilet doesn’t fit you, it’s very frustrating to experience failure.

So: What do you need to check?

You need to check the size of the toilet bowl, a thin or round bowl that you need to measure. Note that the distance from the center of the bolthole to the fuel tank should be at least 1.75 inches (or 44.45 mm). The surface must be level, or you will have trouble sitting in the correct sink.

You spend a lot of money on bathroom decoration and don’t let an ugly power cord and water hose ruin the beauty. Then the features of this bidet (G400) are important.

The best time to buy a bidet is when you need a new toilet. You can buy a bidet separately, of course, but then you need it as a spare or replacement.

G400 vs G500

The water pressure range for all TOTO bidets (including the G400 and G500) is 7.25 to 108.75 psi. The minimum is pretty low, so you should have no problem staying within the range. Water pressure in a typical home ranges from 20 to 125 psi.

But more important is the volume of the drain pipe. You may have normal pressure, but if the pipe diameter is small or possibly corroded, it will affect your drain. And it will also affect your Washlet performance.

You can easily check the water pressure with the pressure gauge. Just screw the pressure gauge to the hose faucet, turn the power on to maximum, and you can read the reading right away.

The bidet requires a 120 V power supply and ground fault protection. If there is no outlet near the toilet, it must be installed. You need a qualified electrician to do the work for you.

With the exception of the electrical part, everything is intuitive. If you have previously replaced or installed a toilet seat, the TOTO bidet is easy to install.

Bowl washer fluid can do a lot of good. For example, better hygiene, a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, and preservation of the environment.

How to save toilet paper

Do you know what clogs your toilet or water pipe? The answer is toilet paper.

You may not believe it, but toilet paper can block the flow of water in pipes or drains.

In fact, we all like this particularly strong and soft toilet paper because it’s gentle on our skin, but it doesn’t break. Because of this, toilet paper may not dissolve very well or quickly. So over time there will be buildup that will lead to clogging. But that doesn’t mean you should stop using paper altogether.

Maybe when you have a Toto bidet, you won’t even need toilet paper anymore. Thanks to years of experience and continuous development, its cleaning performance has been carefully developed. It is cleaner than toilet paper.

More and more Americans are now more willing to accept the idea of using water to clean their “place,” and not using toilet paper.

Time to throw out the toilet paper (please, and don’t put it in the toilet).

Buy the model Toto Washlet you want today! ! !


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