How to fight fungus and bacteria in the bathroom


How to fight bathroom mold

How to spotless clean the bathroom from stains, bacteria on the mirror, wall and floor tiles?

5 important steps!

What is the first thing we do when we open our eyes in the morning?

Rubbing our sleepy eyes, we watch the time on our cell phone, then go straight to the bathroom (toilet) and get ready to start the day. To get rid of the energy of sleepiness, we wash our faces, rinse our mouths, brush our teeth, and go to the chair to refresh the morning. However, if all these processes are carried out in a dirty bathroom, a feeling of discomfort will arise, even if you wash.

Bathrooms are closely related to our hygiene. Therefore, cleaning the room is vital to our health. If you need a clean toilet or bathroom, here’s how you need to clean them.

Fungus in the bathroom

It’s not safe !

1. Clean the bathroom from top to bottom.

There is a certain order to bathroom cleaning. When we clean the bathroom, we start cleaning it from where the dirt is visible. However, this method of cleaning is not very effective.

This is because if you wipe the tiles on the wall after cleaning the tiles on the floor, water from bacteria and mold will fall to the floor and the point of cleaning the floor will disappear. Therefore, when starting to clean the bathroom, it is advisable to clean the bathroom in order from as high as possible to as low as possible. It is from top to bottom.

Cleaning mirror, Cleaning mirror hacks

2. The transformation of a spotted mirror into a shiny one.

You can make a clean mirror with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Once you’ve decided on a cleaning routine, you should seriously get rid of the old dirt and germs. First, let’s start with the mirror at our eye level. The condition of a stained mirror is a concern every time. I take care of the mirror, so even if I wipe it off with water, it will only be clean for a moment and become dirty again with a new stain. In this case, use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide at home to clean the mirror surface.

If you add baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to a sprayer, spray the mirror with it and wipe it with a sponge, you will see the stain disappear like magic. In addition, even after showering, you can get the effect of preventing mirror fogging.

Cleaning sink, Cleaning sink with baking soda

3. “How to clean the sink” with baking soda and green tea bags.

Baking soda and green tea bags = clean sink

Let’s take a look at how to clean the sink. Every time we wash our face, brush our teeth or shave behind it, the sink is the most frequently used place in the bathroom. Also, because water is used more often, it is the most profitable place for germs to grow because of frequent rinsing.

When cleaning the sink, sprinkle baking soda evenly over the sink and leave it for a short time to absorb the dirt. Then clean the sink with a squeegee or sponge dampened with warm water, and you will find that the sink is as clean as the first day you moved in.

If you don’t have soda baking, you can use leftover green tea bags. Green tea bags can easily remove old dirt from the sink, but large melt particles can block the drain, so use green tea bags that have been brewed several times.

How to clean the toilet bowl with Baking soda, How to clean the toilet bowl citric acid

4. How to clean a toilet that mostly comes in contact with your body.

Baking soda + citric acid

After you’ve cleaned all the sinks, all that’s left is the toilet and the floor tiles. Remembering the first rule I said earlier, clean the toilet first, not the floor tiles. The toilet is the most direct body contact in the bathroom. Thus, if it is not used and left unattended, it will inevitably become very vulnerable to a hygiene standpoint.

When cleaning the toilet bowl, splash about 4 tablespoons of baking soda and citric acid and then wipe off the dirt with a brush when the white foam rises. The white foam formed by baking soda and citric acid not only disinfects, but it also shows great cleaning properties, which helps a lot in keeping the toilet bowl clean and tidy.

If you don’t have baking soda or citric acid, try cleaning your toilet with toothpaste. Since toothpaste contains an abrasive that enhances the cleaning power, it can pick up not only dirt, but also the specific smell of the toilet bowl.

Also, if the toilet smells bad, flush out any leftover beer or cola before you go to bed and flush the next day. This way you can get rid of the dirt and smell right away.

How to clean the toilet bowl with toothpaste

5. “Cleaning the floor tiles” is the last step in cleaning the bathroom.

If you’ve finished cleaning the toilet, then you’ve done 90 percent of the cleaning. Now if you clean only the remaining tiles on the floor, you can create a bathroom with a nice aroma, so let’s do more.

The floor tile cleaning method is similar to the toilet bowl cleaning method. Simply mix baking soda and citric acid in a 2:1 ratio, apply it evenly to the tiles, and then gently scrub with a cleaning brush. If you don’t have baking soda and citric acid this time, you can also use toothpaste to clean the floor tiles.

After you have cleaned the floor tiles, clean the drain as a finish. Various foreign substances in the drain are the main culprit of toilet odor. Because of this, even if the toilet is cleaned, the smell will inevitably remain if the drain is not cleaned. If you want a fragrant bathroom, clean the drain thoroughly.

The drain is easier to clean than other places. First, you can easily remove foreign objects from the drain if you cut them slightly, as if a straw were cut diagonally and then inserted and pulled out of the drain. After that, if you pour water mixed with baking soda and vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1, bubbles will start to form.

If you add extra hot water, the smell from the drain will disappear and the long bathroom cleaning will be over.


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