How to improve your bathroom, What are the best ideas for creating comfort in the bathroom


What kind of bathroom do you want to make

Many people want to wash away the fatigue of the day and make the bathroom more comfortable so they can relax.

Recently, there are many houses where you can easily create a bathroom with a single bathtub, but by designing a bathroom with a washbasin, you can make it more comfortable than others. So, this time I want to present you 5 ideas that you should know to create a comfortable bathroom in the house.

Separate the bathroom with glass

1. Separate the bathroom from the sink with glass.

The first idea I would like to suggest to make the bathroom comfortable is how to separate the bathroom from the toilet. Usually the bathroom and the toilet are separated by a partition and a door, but with glass like this bathroom, the two spaces can be visually presented as one big space. Not only does the bathroom seem large, but the powder room can also be a spacious and open space. If you make a large opening in the bathroom, like this house, you can make it a bright space with light coming into the bathroom and washroom.

Installation of large bathroom windows

2. Create a sense of openness with large windows.

Many people would like to install large windows in the living room, but large windows in the bathroom can be questionable. However, if you use a garden or something similar to block the direct view outside, as in this house, you can create an open bathroom with enough privacy. In addition, the role of a bathroom window is not only the view, but a bright and clean bathroom in daylight, and if it is an open/closed window, it also serves the function of ventilation.

Good view from the bathroom

3. Place the bathroom in a place with a good view.

Usually in house construction, it is customary to place the bathroom on the north side and the living room on the south side with a good view. However, depending on your ingenuity, you can create a bathroom with a good view and a house where you can enjoy the view and sunlight from the living room. In this house, the bathroom is in a good location, and thanks to the fully open sash, the bathroom is open and comfortable, like an open-air bath. By installing a tall window on the south side, it creates a fairly bright living space.

Bright color of the walls

4. The bright color of the walls.

As in the interior of the living room, stick to the color of the walls in the bathroom. The bathroom is usually small, so it is recommended to use brightly colored walls to make it seem visually wider. Bright colors expand the space, so you can feel it wide. The floor can also be a light color, but a darker floor, such as this one, gives the impression of stability and calm, so you can create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom.

Washbasin space

5. Create a spread for the sink.

When thinking about making the bathroom comfortable, you shouldn’t forget about the bathroom. Let’s think about the lining from the lavatory. In this house, the walls of the toilet and the walls of the open porch are finished with the same siding and tile, creating the effect of a long connected wall. This creates an open space that connects the toilet and the balcony. Please try to create a space from such a restroom.

The choice is yours!


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