How to freshen up a room for not much money, 10 ideas to freshen up a room for little money


How to freshen up a room

Most of us are used to thinking of the interior of our home or apartment as a static concept. We make repairs and enjoy its immutability and monotony for the next few years. And if there is a desire to change the usual appearance of the surrounding decor, it often faces such problems as lack of time and money.

We have a love-hate relationship with our family. It is rare and fortunate that a home fits just right. Most of us have at least some complaints: lack of bathroom space, bathrooms that are too small, awkward layout, or outdated decor. Or you may be very happy with your home, but sometimes it gets stagnant. Changing the layout or expanding your bathroom without spending money is impossible, but you can freshen up a room without spending a dime. Sometimes a simple change in the little things can revitalize your space. Here are 10 steps to help you freshen up your room without spending a lot.

  1. Start by cleaning up unnecessary accessories. Start with a clean slate by removing everything except furniture, curtains, or carpets. By removing all the “noise” from the room, you can look at it with fresh eyes. Place everything in one place. Put everything on the dining table or kitchen counter.
  2. Pay attention to the arrangement of furniture. If you’re lucky enough to have a room where you can arrange furniture in different configurations, find it! If you’ve never changed furniture, you’ll be surprised at the difference.
  3. Update things. You see that the room needs updating. Maybe too many things are distracting from what you really like. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of clutter that you need to get rid of. For example, you might recycle or donate a stack of magazines and put children’s toys in a basket. A bookshelf is often an unusual collector’s item, but with the right design it can be stylish and functional. Replace the items you want to keep. Everything else should be stored or in a legitimate place.
  4. Replace the items you want to keep in the room. However, try using them elsewhere. For example, try replacing a desk lamp, rearranging accessories on a bookshelf, or using cushions on a different chair. Also try combining several items together. Perhaps your family photos are always grouped together. But perhaps they look like a stack of books scattered around a bookshelf. In that case, remove the book from the bookshelf and move it to another location. For example, a few travel books would make a great stand for a vintage globe or a souvenir from a vacation. On the other hand, perhaps items from your collection are scattered around the house, but putting them together would make more sense. Label them to showcase your collection.
  5. Make a rearrangement in another room. Walk around the house and pick up accessories from other rooms. Perhaps a lamp, art piece, or vase from another room will see something new in its new location.
  6. Draw something. Take one or two items that should have been on display at the next garage sale, in the basement or closet, and keep cans of paint next to them. Paint vases from a cheap flower collection to look like milk glasses, or turn an old oak photo frame into black lacquer.
  7. Add greenery. A plant is an amazing wonder that breathes new life into a room. If you don’t have “green ivy,” choose a whimsical succulent artificial plant or follow the best decorating techniques of other imitations.
  8. Add texture. A soft bedspread, a basket of vines, or a candlestick wrapped in rope really add interest and sophistication to an interior.
  9. Give the space meaning. Decide whether to peek into the room and tell a story. A room without personal items lacks soul. On the other hand, don’t feel the need to show all of yourself with emotional value.
  10. Light a candle. Wax warmers and plug-ins are great, but they are no substitute for the warmth of a flickering candle.


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