How to use toothpaste in the bathroom


How do I use toothpaste in the bathroom, Toothpaste

The same toothpaste you use to brush your teeth comes in handy for cleaning many things around the house. Toothpaste is a mild abrasive, often containing baking soda, for removing tartar. This same abrasive is ideal for removing scratches and stains that cover everything from walls to shoes. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean small items with toothpaste.

It is best to use a solid white toothpaste rather than a gel. Gel toothpastes often contain dyes that can discolor some of the materials you are trying to clean. Avoid getting gel toothpaste on fabric. Because it can leave stains.

When choosing a bathroom detergent, you can replace it with toothpaste. If you have a large part to clean, think about the cost.

Polishing with toothpaste

  • Polish your bathroom fixtures

Toothpaste is great for cleaning sinks, faucets, tubs and pools. With a little toothpaste, your bathroom will shine like new!

Plaque on the faucet spoils the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. But getting rid of it and making the room look neat is easy.

Plaque formation on faucets is caused by the increased hardness of the tap water flowing through the fixtures. This indicates excessive amounts of magnesium and calcium salts in the water. These substances, with water droplets, get on various faucet surfaces, mix with soapy foam and settle on the plumbing fixtures. After they dry, white traces and deposits – lime scale – remain on the faucet. If the water has a lot of iron salts, the sediment on the faucet turns yellow.

Chrome sinks and showers look great if you wipe them with a soft cloth moistened with toothpaste. Rub them in small circles, then polish with a dry cloth.

Removing soap scum from glass

  • Removing Soap Foam

Tile is considered a very reliable, durable and long-lasting cladding material, as evidenced by the practice of its many years of use. Less resistant to various aggressive influences become tile joints, which quickly enough can blacken, crack and even partially crumble.

In the bathroom, constant humidity and high temperature can cause mold and fungus to appear on them. In such situations, the question arises, how to whiten the joints between the tiles, without starting a big repair?

Toothpaste is great for cleaning bathroom and toilet tiles.

Applying a small amount of toothpaste to a damp sponge or cloth on the shower door and fiberglass shower enclosure can create soapy foam. Rinse with a cloth dampened with clean water and wipe dry to avoid water stains.

Cleaning the sink with toothpaste

  • Cleaning Your Bathroom Sink

The bathtub needs to be cleaned every week because it is used regularly, scale builds up, yellowing and staining.

Regular cleaning of your bathroom sink will save you from having to return it to its original appearance.

Cleaning the drain holes. To make the sink drain shine and smell nice, you should rub a small amount of toothpaste into it.

If you drop toothpaste on your bathroom sink, don’t just rinse it off. Take a damp sponge and wipe the entire bowl with it. Rinse well and wipe it dry. This will leave a nice scent of paste.

Cleaning the toilet bowl

  • Cleaning the toilet bowl

And one more plus – we all want to get rid of extraneous odors in the restroom, but the prices of toiletries are not happy. In that case, take this tip:
Buy an ordinary tube of inexpensive toothpaste, make a few punctures in it with a needle, leave the lid tightly closed and drop it into the flush tank. Such a miracle cure lasts for four months.

You have to clean the toilet often, but many people try to avoid this unpleasant work. To make it easier and faster helps a regular toothpaste with the smell of mint or menthol. It is enough to take a tube, pierce it several times with a needle in different places and drop it into the cistern. Thus, with each flush of water the toilet bowl will become a little cleaner and fresher.

If you need to clean your toilet quickly and you’re out of detergent, apply some toothpaste to it.  Take a toilet brush and rub it. The paste removes stains and leaves a fresh smell. It doesn’t disinfect the toilet bowl to get rid of bacteria, but it helps clean it well.

Toilet freshener

  • As a toilet freshener.

There is an opinion on the net that if you put toothpaste in the cistern of the toilet bowl, it will ensure that there is no unpleasant odor in the restroom, and at the same time will not allow plaque to form on the toilet bowl. That is, it will always remain clean and white. But is it really so? Toothpaste in the toilet bowl is a really good idea.

It is enough to buy the cheapest toothpaste, and then pierce several small holes in the tube with a needle. The pierced tube should be placed in the flush tank. The smell of mint when flushed gives a lot of joy to the visitors of the toilet, and such a freshener lasts a very long time. If you take a strawberry paste, your toilet will have a berry scent.

Curling iron cleaner

  • Cleaning curling irons or hair straighteners

A hair straightener is a great device to use to straighten your hair, but over time, residue from hair products and oils used builds up on its ceramic plates, making the device quite messy. You are likely to be uncomfortable using a dirty appliance, in addition, it can damage your hair. To get your iron back to looking great and getting it back in working order, do a general cleaning of the appliance first, and then move on to specifically removing the dirty plaque and stains.

Clean the iron with a toothbrush or melamine sponge. Use a mild abrasive such as toothpaste to clean hard-to-reach areas, including gaps between the plastic and heated panels.

Rubber buildup can form on hair irons, hair straighteners and curling appliances. Toothpaste easily removes the clumps without damaging the surface of the tool. Apply the toothpaste to a dry cloth and wipe the surface with it. Dry the dry surface by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Mirror cleaning

  • Keep the bathroom mirror clean

Stains and stains are often left on bathroom mirrors

There are many reasons for contamination of the glossy coating. The appearance of the mirror is distorted by:

  • dried liquid droplets
  • toothpaste stains
  • makeup residue
  • fingerprints
  • dust

Improper tools and surface cleaning methods increase the number of stains.

Here’s the best way to get rid of stains on your mirror.

The toothpaste prevents fogging and perfectly cleans any dirt on the mirror.

The mirror in the bathroom will no longer fog if you spread toothpaste on its surface, let it dry, wipe off the rest of the white mass, and then gently polish with a clean cloth to return the mirror transparency.

Moisten a damp cloth with toothpaste and wipe the mirror. Work in small circles and wipe off the toothpaste. Then polish with a dry cloth. Your mirror will once again be a streak-free mirror that is pleasant to look into.

It is not necessary to have a large arsenal of chemicals to cope with various household problems. In some cases, ordinary toothpaste can help.


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