What is the cause of the heating of the socket and cord of the electric dryer


Electric dryer

Like any other household appliance, an electric dryer periodically needs repair. There are a number of typical malfunctions that can be described with approximate causes and repair methods. These descriptions are not a guide to do-it-yourself repairs, but are for information only. As a complex, high-risk household appliance, electric dryer repairs should be performed by a qualified technician.

As with most modern homes, you probably use a gas or electric clothes dryer. For an electric dryer, it’s handy if it’s working properly. If there is a problem with the dryer rather than the clothes dryer, you first need to know what to look out for.

When the laundry hangs on a rope, it dries evenly on all sides. In a dryer, the process is somewhat different. Several things are placed in the drum at once, the total weight of which can be 8-10 kg. The inner chamber has holes for the passage of air and special ribs designed for an even distribution of laundry.

The drum of dryers does not rotate as fast as washing machines – the speed is about 100 revolutions per minute. Things are treated with air heated to 60-75 degrees. The evaporated moisture is condensed in a special container or taken to the sewer. The dryer does a great job with dense fabrics, blankets, sweaters or winter jackets that are difficult to dry outdoors.

The surface of the drum has special bulges that create a kind of air cushion. This makes the drying process delicate and prevents the formation of snags and lint on the clothes.

One of the most useful features of a dryer is drum reversal – periodically changing the direction of motor rotation. During the drying process, the drum will not rotate in one direction, but in different directions, thanks to which the laundry is not bunched into a dense lump and dries much faster.

Reversible dryer is very gentle with clothes. After completion of the process you do not have to unravel the tight knot of things, as it often happens with the spinning at high speed. No complicated folds or creases form on the laundry, which also makes ironing easier. If you plan to dry delicate clothes or underwear in the machine, we recommend choosing a model with a reversible drum.

Causes of dryer outlet and cord failure

  • Go to the electrical panel and check to see if the fuse or circuit breaker that powers the clothes dryer has blown. If so, it indicates a problem with the machine itself, a disconnected heating element, a problem with the dryer cord, a problem with the dryer outlet, or one of the many wiring harnesses from the electrical panel to the dryer itself.
  • If the dryer outlet and cord are hot, but not the dryer, it could be due to an unreliable electrical connection. It could be an electrical fire just waiting to happen. As you can see in the picture, the right connection post is pulling away from the insulation post. Poor electrical connection at both electrical terminals and where cords and outlets are connected is often the cause of electrical fires in homes.
  • This particular outlet had a weak electrical connection under the burned terminal where the feeder landed. As a result, the resistance increased and heat was generated. The heat increased as the electric current requirement to heat the dryer increased. This, in turn, caused the plastic housing around the blade of the electric dryer cord to heat up.
  • Another factor that can cause similar damage, as well as loose wire connections, is the connection between the cord plug and the outlet itself. The outlet’s connection pins have been loosened, causing the cord blades and output pins to become hot. As with the outlet, after you insert the cord into the outlet, you will want to pull the plug out of the socket. This is a sign that the finger grips have worn out and the outlet needs to be replaced.
  • A voltage tester can be found in the electrical department of your local electrical supply store or hardware store. It is a simple tool to check all the outlets in your home. It determines if the outlet has the necessary voltage. Plug it into an outlet and check the voltage. You will find everything you need in the included manual. This is a great tool for your old power tool kit.

When a socket or plug gets hot, make immediate repairs or replace the damaged parts. It is important to avoid short circuits and fires, which in such situations occur suddenly.

To protect yourself, it is necessary to observe the rules of operation of electrical appliances, not to exceed the maximum load on the network and refuse to use extension cords and tees.


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