How do I choose the right sofa


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The couch is one of the biggest investments in furniture. A couch costs a lot of money, takes up a lot of space, and you and your family will probably spend a lot of time on it. So before you go shopping, make sure you know what you’re doing. Familiarize yourself with these sofa checks and inspections to make sure you’ve purchased the best sofa for your investment. Think about it.

Will you use your couch:

Be honest! Will it be used for watching TV with a good book or for formal entertainment? It doesn’t make sense to buy a hard formal couch if you plan to put your feet up on it and watch TV. Besides, you don’t want your guests to sink into the cushions without enjoying themselves.

You need to:

Buy the best quality sofa you can afford. A sofa is a great investment, and you want it to last you a long time. A medium quality sofa should last at least 10 years, and a high-end sofa should last up to 25 years.

Don’t do this:

Be sure to feel the back of the sofa before you buy it. A hollow back indicates poor construction.
You will need to supplement it.

What to do:

Test it before you buy it. While sitting in the store, lie down and put your feet on it. If you plan to do this at home, try it in the store first (for whatever reason).

Don’t do it:

Forget about measuring. Write down the width, girth, height, seat height, and armrest height. It should go over doorways, corners, and stairs, if necessary.

What to do:

Cover with a suitable cloth. If you have children and pets, you will need something that is easy to clean or can hide stains and dirt.

You will need:

Familiarize yourself with sofa styles before choosing. Do you want a tall arm rest (sofa sofa), a medium arm rest (loason), a low arm rest (bridgewater), or an arm rest (slipper)? Do you want attractive and rounded or straight and streamlined? Do you want one or more long seat cushions? Think about it before you buy.

Forget about compromises and choose exactly what you need.


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