What are the best examples you want to refer to, Make the best bathroom in your home


The bathroom is the perfect place to soothe your body and soul and refresh your mood

Even if you have trouble getting outside, you can have a good time if your bathroom is your favorite place. There are many easy-to-use bathrooms these days, such as system tubs, but here are 12 bathrooms that I’d like to refer to when considering home renovation and ownership.The bathroom overlooks a lush bamboo grove.

bamboo grove in the bathroom

1. The bathroom overlooks a lush bamboo grove.

A bathroom with large windows and bamboo inside the fence. It seems that you can relax with a bath in which you can comfortably leave your body.

wood flooring in the bathroom

2. Bathroom with wooden flooring.

A space that combines a bathroom, a bathroom and a wooden terrace. It features a gentle atmosphere with the use of hiba wood. You can refresh yourself on the wooden terrace while taking a bath, or you can relax as you would in an open-air bath.

bathroom garden

3. Bathroom with private garden.

A house in a popular area of Tokyo, where many houses are crowded. The bathroom, designed to have personal space without worrying about outside interference, overlooks a private garden. Realized luxury bathing in the style of a luxury hotel with a hot spring.

bathroom overlooking the kitchen

4. Bathroom overlooking the kitchen.

The bathroom is combined with a large clear window and an interior window overlooking the kitchen. Having a sense of unity with the space inside the house, it feels like you can take a bath while having fun with the kids. It fits into your daily life as if you were playing in the water.

bathroom with a spacious washbasin

5. The bathroom is combined with a spacious washbasin.

Thanks to the two washbasins, families can use it without problems even during peak hours. The connection to the bathroom can be relaxed and you can relax in everyday life as if you were in a hotel.

A beautifully tiled bathroom

6. Bathroom with beautiful tiles.

Lay the tiles end-to-end, and the interior, usually simple, which becomes very impressive. Next to the bathtub, they install a basin on a pedestal, creating a space that resembles a beautiful overseas interior.

bathroom with natural light

7. Bathroom with natural light.

The bathroom, finished with stone like – Towada, is flooded with overhead light, that is, flooded with natural light. You can refresh your mind and body in a bright and natural bathroom.

bathroom with a terrace

8. The bathroom is connected to the terrace.

Bathroom with large windows overlooking the courtyard and terrace. In consultation with the architect, you can also implement attractive plans that connect to other parts of the house. By separating the terrace with the same tiles as the bathroom, you can expand the space.

bathroom with veranda

9. Bathroom with a veranda that can be fully opened.

Bathroom with sliding doors through which you can open the entire bathroom. Stairs lead to the terrace-terrace and from the terrace to the second floor. The bathroom with unique access seems especially convenient in summer.

city view bathroom

10. Bathroom with a view of the city.

Bathroom in a high-rise with a view of the city. Spacious windows with wooden shutters create a modern hotel interior. Despite the fact that it is in the city, the interior space, in which you can feel the resort, looks attractive.

wooden bathroom

11. The bathroom is comfortably finished in wood.

When it comes to water, I think it should be a water-resistant material such as tile and stones. However, if you use a lot of wood, it will also have the effect of controlling moisture, creating a warm and comfortable space. At the end, you’ll feel like you’re in a tub of hot spring water under the open sky.

glass bathroom

12. Bright bathroom with glass and natural light.

Showcasing beams and making a glass ceiling, the bathroom gives a sense of liberation. The partition from the washbasin is made of glass, and a tsubo garden is also provided on the side of the tub to create a space where you don’t feel blocked. It’s a bathroom you’ll want to use even on rainy days and afternoons.

Which bathroom are you interested in?

Make your choice.


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