What are the best bathrooms, 9 ideas for outdoor bathrooms with showers


The shower enclosure is the symbol of a modern and stylish bathroom.

Walk-In style, which makes it easy to wake up to a hot shower even during a busy morning, is perfect for our modern lifestyle, hectic compared to traditional bathroom design. This time we will present a beautiful design with such a stylish shower enclosure.

sleek design

1. A more stylish design with a walk-in shower and an open bathroom.

A stylish shower cubicle and a large open bathroom fit together perfectly. For example, this is a bathroom that integrates with the open wooden terrace when the bathroom opening is fully open. The left front shower room has a glass partition, which does not interfere with the feeling of openness. The ceiling and walls of the bathroom are lined with cypress wood to create a green bathroom that naturally connects to the wooden garden terrace.

bright bathroom

2. The shower enclosure depends on the material of the bathroom interior.

Stylish shower enclosure will be a great material for the finish of the bathroom. This is a bathroom with a washbasin and a wooden terrace. Hiba wood is used for the drain board floor to create a bright bathroom with a natural contrast between white and wood. The same material is used for the wood flooring and blinds to create a sense of unity.

barrier-free accessibility

3. The importance of bathroom design and barrier-free accessibility.

It is important that the shower enclosure is not only modern and stylish, but also maintains safety through a versatile, family-friendly and barrier-free design. This is a completely barrier-free bathroom for wheelchair users. The design uses a shower on the back of the wall, with the shower on the right and the control box on the left. In addition, the layout of the bathtub allows for body movement and bathing. The bathtub uses a shallow western tub, so you can get in and out on your own.

breakdown method

4. The originality of space design method of partitioning.

Many modern showers have no doors at all. This is the so-called walk-in style. Using such a glass door, you can create an open design that creates a sense of unity between the bathroom, washbasin, toilet and private terrace. In European homes, the bathroom is relatively large to accommodate both a large bathtub and a casual style, or an open design that does not create a sense of oppression is preferred.

fancy design

5. The trendy design of the faucet makes the bath more stylish.

If you want to emphasize the design of the shower enclosure during a new construction or renovation, stick not only to the design of the space, but also to the faucets, functionality and design. There are two types of showers: manual and fixed. The manual type has a design often seen in the past, but the fixed type has the head attached to the wall or ceiling, giving a clean and modern impression. There are many variations, from multi-functional to trendy, such as overseas. Find a design to suit your tastes.

modern design

6. The modern design makes it easy to clean the tub.

It is a walk-in style with a simple design. It has a neat and modern design with glass doors instead of curtains. The advantage of a compact and modern shower enclosure is that it is easier to clean than a regular bathtub. It has a simple bench that you can sit on, it is simple but comfortable.

bathtub with bench

7. Where is the bench?

It’s also a design with a bench. It’s convenient because you can choose whether to take a bath standing up or sitting down, depending on your mood.

monochrome finish

8. Monotone trim for chic.

This design is stylishly decorated in the city with large tiles and a monochrome color scheme. Not only is it fashionable, but the placement of the built-in bench, which is designed to prevent accidents, and the handrails, which are useful when standing up, enhance the feeling of safety.

room lighting

9. Illumination of the room from different sides.

I want to turn my attention to beautiful bathroom lighting. The bathtub light is the lighting that you can use in the bathtub, and just by changing the usual bright lighting to a soft shade of light, it quickly becomes a space where you can relax and unwind, free from the everyday space. In this bathroom, in addition to the lighting from the ceiling, the soft light of the parallel downlights creates a quieter space. The lighting of the bathroom is also one of the things that create a stylish design effect.

Did you get good inspiration for your style choices?


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