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A bath, indispensable in daily life. It seems to me that the bath is rarely given as much attention in the world as in all countries in general. The bath has a high permeability and is a place that many people consider indispensable. In Europe, most homes today use tubs with a system unit, but have you ever wanted to create your own bathroom?

When staying in an unfamiliar hotel for the first time, each of us experiences a slight excitement – how much do the advertisements on websites and guest reviews correspond to reality? The area, the architecture of the building, the lobby and the rooms all matter. But there is one thing that can bring guests into total ecstasy and literally make them clap their hands or, conversely, ruin the whole picture: the bathroom.

Let’s take a look at some bathroom ideas that will make you feel like you’re in a resort!

Guest bathroom

1. Guest bathroom.

Bathroom with cypress walls and ceiling, floor and some walls are tiled . Despite the fact that it is a 3 in 1 style, it is a spacious space. The bathtub is put in the center, and it gives the impression that you have a special experience. You can enjoy a relaxing bathing experience in this kind of setting like a resort hotel.

Natural stone

2. Enjoy the colors of natural stones.

Bathroom with the same tile on the floor, walls, and tub line. White tile on the walls and large windows overlooking the courtyard create an open space. Earthy shades similar to natural stone create a sense of warmth, and the bathroom is stylish and resort-like.

Luxury Tile

3. Luxury Tile.

This park home was designed by an architect to enjoy the landscape. The bathroom, where you can enjoy bathing while admiring the landscape of the four seasons, is decorated in tranquil colors, like a spa. It is a comfortable space, like a hot spring, with large tiles and luxurious colors, the bath is level with the floor, large windows on one side.

Renovated hotel

4. Renovated hotel.

An open-air bathhouse in an inn that has been remodeled due to its deterioration. A comfortable wooden floor is a material I would like to use in the house. If there is such an open-air bathhouse as an extension of the wooden terrace, the daily bathing time will be unusual.

Villa overlooking the green garden

5. Villa overlooking the green garden.

It’s a weekend home, and its location overlooking the green garden looks very attractive. There is a large opening on the side that overlooks the landscape, and you won’t be disturbed by anything or anyone. Of course, the bathroom can also be opened, so you can enjoy bathing indoors and outdoors. The outdoor bathtub made of beautifully painted stones and wooden decking makes you feel like you’re in a hot spring. This is a luxurious place with a great location.

Open-air bathhouse

6. Open-air bathhouse with a glass roof.

On the second floor of the modern stone house is an open-air bath with a natural design. It is made of the same material as the facade and has a straight and modern finish. Even though the house is outdoors, you don’t have to worry about the weather because it has a glass roof. You can enjoy swimming outdoors without blocking the light.

Freestanding bath

7. Bathroom with freestanding tub.

This home, which was born from a condo renovation, was designed with a layout as close to its size as possible. The bathroom is also spacious, and the bright light coming in through the large windows creates a comfortable space. The interior is finished with rectangular tile, and the standing tub looks like a model home. A fashionable bathroom to spend more time in.

Are you interested in bathrooms like those in resort hotels?

Make your best choice.


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