What are the best ideas for fancy toilet renovation, 9 ideas for fancy toilet renovation


There are many regulated designs by major manufacturers in restrooms that have a combination of bowls and storage in advance. However, if you’re thinking about building a home or remodeling, why not try a design that will make a fashionable impression on you?

Custom washbasins, such as sinks, storage drawers, faucets and mirrors, can be used to create a stylish and easy-to-use water-related interior.

Material and design

1. The interior, which varies depending on the material and design of the counter in the restroom.

The material of the washbasin counter influences the design of the water area. This house has a modern urban look with marble countertops that harmonize with the marble bathroom interior. There are different materials for sink countertops such as wood, faux marble and melamine. Choose a material that is highly waterproof and easy to clean, it will match the interior of your bathroom.

Convenient sink size

2. Convenience, which varies depending on the size of the sink.

The size of the washstand and the number of sinks increase the convenience of busy mornings. By installing two sinks in this way, a family can reduce crowding in the morning. Installing two bowls is recommended, especially for large families. Installing a large mirror together is even more convenient!

Comfortable toilet capacity

3. What is the capacity of your toilet?

Is there enough storage space in the bathroom? This is where you want to store various necessities such as toothbrushes, towels, cosmetics and laundry related items, shampoo and conditioner, so make sure you have enough space to keep it clean and tidy. I can. Open storage is easy to take out and gives the impression of style. Closed storage gives the impression of neatness because you can hide and store small items. It’s also a good idea to mix both types of storage like this!

Bathtub behind the wall

4. I daresay you will feel rested behind the wall.

Also wonderful is the design that creates a neat atmosphere, like a hotel, without daring to create storage space under the counter. You can also create an industrial look or a natural atmosphere by showing pipes to match your favorite green tiles like this.

Best washbasin design

5. With the washbasin design.

This is a chic, monochrome bathroom. The vessel-shaped design, with the bowl placed on the counter, creates a trendy atmosphere, perfect for a monotone design. For those who want to stick to a unique design, this type of Vessels is recommended. On the other hand, the type in which the bowl is built into the counter gives the impression of direct and neat.

Bathroom uniqueness

6. Autonomy and uniqueness.

The cabinet under the washbasin, which stands here in the center, has a mirrored dressing table in the back. The black and white tiles, which stand out with a simple design based on white, accentuate the interior and pull the space together like a piece of furniture. The minimalist design that doesn’t take up much space is perfect for people who want to create interiors that maximize their individuality.

Bathroom arrangement

7. Arrangement with coloring.

This is a restored 50-year-old wooden house. Most washbasins are in pure white, but this one is painted a glacial color to match a nostalgic and tranquil interior somewhere in the room. The items around the water are chosen by the Italian manufacturer Sanwa Company, and those that blend beautifully with the perfect space are chosen.

Space combination bathtub

8. A cosmic combination with light and mirrors.

The LED-lit mirrors and trendy lighting that goes with the simple mirrors not only make the look beautiful, but also serve as a beautiful space product. This mosaic design combined with the orange lighting creates a soft vintage feel. On the other hand, if you want a modern design, subtle types like LED mirrors are perfect for a stylish space product.

Better balance

9. A balance between product choice and price.

This is a walk-in closet overlooking the garden. The planted maples are beautifully painted, creating an elegant space. Zeolite is used for the ceiling and walls, and mosaic is used for the floor tiles. Typically, the price of the feature is higher than the price of the finished design, but the actual price depends on which element you choose and your ingenuity. If you’re interested, consult an architect!

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