How to use of Bio Bidet, How to use model Bio Bidet Brondell Swash 1400, BB-2000, BB-1700


Bio bidet toilet seat

Bidet as unique cleaning systems have many health and hygiene benefits.

  1. You will always be clean. This is a shower for your intimate area. The gentle stream of the bidet has a soothing and thorough cleansing effect.
  2. It gets rid of many hygiene problems, from infections to hemorrhoids. Conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or hemorrhoids can cause ineffective or uncomfortable toilet paper use.
  3. Created an upscale look in any bathroom.
  4. Saving toilet paper. Many environmentally conscious people believe that by reducing the production and overuse of toilet paper, bidets can help save trees. More importantly, bidets save water-not only what’s needed to make toilet paper, but also what’s needed when the countless gallons of showers provided by bidets are wasted quickly and completely by Americans.
  5. Easy to use for pregnant women and people with disabilities.
  6. Styling and functional.

Although Bio Bidet is not the only company with the name “Bidet,” it does deserve some attention. The company was founded in 2008 and, along with the 100-year-old Japanese manufacturer of smart toilets and toiletries, has become one of the best in the industry.

But let’s not worry about their accomplishments. You’re here because you want to know which bidet toilets best fit your needs. You may be overwhelmed by all the comments you read.

Bidet Bio offers a wide selection of bidet seats, from top-of-the-line to simple bidet accessories, you are sure to find something you like, within your budget.

Bio bidet

Quality is what separates bio-bidets from others, and it is a recognized factor worthy of attention. So, what are the characteristics of a bio-bidets that becomes a high-quality product?

Aesthetics seem to be the main design principle of biological bidets. The design of each bidet harmonizes and fits any normal toilet bowl with an elongated or round bowl. Perfect surface finish, shape and proportions will make your perception of a quality and appropriate product.

There are several patented innovations at the heart of providing the best performance. From a powerful activated carbon deodorizer to a motorized nozzle mechanism. If you’re not yet using a bidet and don’t know what you need and don’t need, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with its features before making a purchasing decision.

So, let’s continue to delve into the impressive features that will make the bio bidet a serious competitor in the crowded bidet market.

Some of the most notable features that give the bio bidet an edge are its competitors in the wash function and self-cleaning nozzle system. The characteristics of comprehensive industry standards make it a recognizable brand in the industry.

Bio Bidet – Brondell Swash 1400

Bio Bidet Brondell Swash 1400

Standard nozzles typically have two nozzle designs: one for back and one for women’s cleaning. Some bidet seats may even have two wands with one nozzle for the back and front washers (such as the Brondell Swash 1400).

Bio-bidet is the only bidet seat equipped with a system with 3 nozzles. In other words, there are three nozzles on the magic wand. Two are regular front and back flushes, and the third is the vortex flow water flow. This is the cleaning function, designed to get rid of stale dirt.

BB-2000 vs BB-1700

Another patented (pending) feature, hydraulic flushing, provides an unprecedented way to self-clean the nozzles. But this is only available on the BB-2000 and BB-1700.

There are two versions of the three-in-one nozzle system.

Stainless steel rods are available only for top models, and luxury bidets are equipped with antibacterial plastic rods.

1. Nozzle with 3 ports removable on stainless steel and plastic rods for manual cleaning and disinfection.

2. The whirlpool cleaning is a bit like an enema. It’s a strong splash and spiral flow of water. If you frequent the bidet, you will definitely feel the difference and want to use it for constipation.

Well, now you can have whatever you want. This is not a gimmick. Rectal stimulation relaxes the rectal muscles for smoother emptying, which is essential for whirling cleansing as well.

Bio Bidet model BB-2000

Bio Bidet BB-2000

But not all models have this feature. If that’s what you’re looking for, here’s a model of bidet seat with vortex enema function. Some models have the enema fluid in their feature list called turbo flush, not vortex flush. They’re not quite the same thing. A turbo flush is essentially a high volume stream of water that provides a richer and more satisfactory flushing effect. It’s not a spiral – it’s a vortex.

The dirtiest part of the bidet has to be the nozzle. This is because it is closest to where you are in the cleaning process. Dirty water reflected off your back splashes straight up. Some pieces of debris may fall to the ground or stick to the stick. Like all bidet seats, biological bidets have a self-cleaning feature. But cleaning only flushes away any external materials.

Bio Bidet model BB-1700

Bio Bidet BB-1700

What to do if the dirt is stuck in the nozzle?

Although the likelihood of this is small, and you can’t be sure that it’s not impossible. Given that there are three ports on the nozzle, especially for vortex cleaning. This is when hydraulic flushing comes into play. It drains the water (inside) through a high-pressure nozzle from the inside, flushing out any minerals and debris from the water.

Hydraulic flushing

Hydraulic flushing is unique, which is not the case with all nozzle types. This ensures that there is no debris on the outside or inside the nozzle, reducing the chance of unwanted microbial growth.

Only two bidet seat models are equipped with hydraulic flushing of the inner and outer nozzles, namely the these BB-2000 and Bliss BB-1700.

The standard cleaning function is acceptable to most users. Even the cheapest model can maintain high standards of hygiene and provide a self-cleaning function.

So, here is the standard function, which is the most common electric seat for the mid- to high-end toilet bidet. With the except for some features that are missing from some models, the biological bidet has other features. This may be something you can do without saving money.

You can use a soothing massage, pulsating or oscillating spray at the touch of a button.

You can adjust the nozzle position for thorough cleaning.

Nozzle adjustment

The nozzle also injects bubbles into the water jet (called aeration) to gently target your sensitive areas. Moreover, you can fully control the water temperature and pressure using the remote control or the side panel.

The self-cleaning nozzle is another distinguishing feature of the biological bidet. It uses a patented nozzle drive system to control the rapid movement of the bar during the automatic cleaning process. It has an auxiliary guide belt that eliminates any risk of clogging and provides a quieter, smoother operation on the bar.

All electric bidet seats with biological cleaning function are equipped with self-cleaning nozzles. Each time it is rinsed with water, it cleans itself, removing dirt that has adhered to the surface of the wand.

Think about it – what kind of bidet do you need?


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