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Northern interior, Comfortable Living

Higgle in Danish means comfort, coziness and convenience. Hwange Life is a Danish way of life that “strives for comfort and coziness.

This way of life has begun to attract attention both at home and abroad since 2016. This is because, since Denmark was ranked first on the happiness index in the 2016 World Happiness Report, life was chosen as the secret to happiness. Hwange Life, which leads a simple but comfortable life in a small but comfortable home space, came to people who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life like a break and still loved even as time passes.

Practical and eco-friendly northern interior

The way of life is inseparable from the interior. In the large category of “Nordic interior” – is an interior that combines life and facture.

It is also called Scandinavian design, Scandinavian design or Scandinavian design, it is literally interior design with local features. Although not really a categorization, it refers to interior design in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and so on.

After the Scandinavian furniture exhibition was held in London in 1951, practical and eco-friendly Scandinavian design became known in Europe and the United States. In Korea, when the Swedish furniture brand IKEA appeared, practical Scandinavian design became popular.

Staying indoors for a long time …”simplicity and modernity”, which does not let you get bored.

Modernity has given us:

Wooden furniture

Eco-friendly wooden furniture with a simple design.

Eco-friendly Scandinavian interior

The concepts of northern interiors are “pragmatism” and “minimalism. It is characterized by a simple and modern design without unnecessary details that emphasize functionality. It is also eco-friendly because it mainly uses materials such as wood and leather.

Most of these design features were influenced by northern environmental factors. Northern Europe is covered with dense forests, more than half the year is winter, and the sun is short and cold. Summers are very short, about three months, and the time spent in the house is very long.

As somebody peoples have long been active indoors, others in Northern Europe have focused on the efficient use of limited space. We chose a simple modern design, and not the boldest colors or patterns. Nevertheless, it is not artificial and has an emotional feel.

Advantages of wooden furniture

There is a lot of wooden furniture made of wood that is easy to get because of the dense forests. The advantage was that there is little humidity in Northern Europe, so it was advantageous to use wooden furniture.

The material of the furniture is wood, but the design emphasizes practicality so that the user can comfortably use it, because being in the room lasts a long time. In addition, there are many designs that attach legs to the furniture to prevent cold floors and dampness.

It was mentioned earlier that Scandinavian design is eco-friendly, although it also uses eco-friendly materials such as wood, but above all, the clean and curvy design is reminiscent of nature. It blends well with any environment and creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Light sources, Heat sources

Interior that attract light

Scandinavian interior attracts light with a variety of lighting.

Since there is not enough time to get natural light, interiors have also been developed with the use of light, such as various light sources or candles.

Although Northern Europe has an image of darkness and cold, it reflects the spirit of wanting to decorate living spaces brightly and warmly. Europe mostly uses direct lighting, where light falls directly on a surface, while Northern Europe uses a lot of indirect lighting, which reflects light off the wall or ceiling. It is characterized by several types of lighting depending on the location.

It uses not only light, but also color or material to illuminate the room, mostly using white tones or light wood.

Wallpaper, accessories and furniture harmonize with the lighting, creating a sense of warmth and brightness. Materials that can reflect light, such as glass, are sometimes used as reflections.

In general, it blends with simple and clean white, but geometric and unique patterns are used on the rugs to set the point.


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