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TOTO Drake, TOTO Drake II 1G, Eco Drake, Eco Drake Transition

Before you start exploring the details of the Toto Drake II toilet, you should know that all Drake II models – have a universal chair height (comfort height). So if you don’t like tall bowls or high seats, you can look at other Drake toilets. Let’s start with a little review. But first, a little introduction to this second line of popular two-piece Toto Drake toilets.

The original Drake was a working toilet known for its high flush and bowl cleaning efficiency. However, the Drake II will not replace its original bowl. It will provide another basic model as a universal height toilet. If you’ve read the Drake review, you should understand that the Drake and Eco Drake base models are standard bowl heights.

In addition to the tall foot sink, TOTO also introduced two different features for the flush system and expanded the scope to include a combination toilet. A lower flushing capacity of 1.28 and 1.0 gallons per foot is the difference between the Drake II and the original series.


There are a total of 27 models to consider Drake. They are divided into Drake, Eco Drake, Eco Drake Transition and now Drake II. Among them, there are 12 Drake II models, which we will discuss in detail here.

Physically the Drake II is thinner and slightly taller, with the same 30″ height. The entire extended model is 28-1 / 2 inches long, which is not much different from the Drake and Eco Drake.

The seat heights of all Drake II toilets range from 17-1 / 4 inches to 17-3 / 4 inches – all ADA compliant or universal height (comfort height).

As for flushing capacity, it overlaps with the environmental drainage pipe and is 1.28 gallons per foot. So if you plan to use a 1.28 gallon per foot toilet, you will have the widest choice.

All Drake II models are labeled Watersense and Calgreen.

Now let’s take a closer look at these functions:

So: what are the overall changes and improvements?

Regardless of the details, choosing one of the 12 models is like shooting in the dark. Especially if you plan to use a model with detergent, you must also consider the detergent characteristics. However, let’s focus on the bathroom first, and then let’s touch on the Washlet function.

Because the Drake II is thinner and taller, it has a more attractive appearance. The round bowl model, especially in a small space, blends well with other appliances in the bathroom or powder room.



You may prefer the Drake II 1G because it is slightly thinner than the Drake II model. This is because the edge of the water tank is flush with the bowl, which is 1-1/2 inches narrower than the original. It looks more streamlined than the edge of the tank that protrudes from the side.

TOTO Drake II 1G

Unlike the Drake and Eco Drake, the Drake II is a standard 12-inch thick. So don’t feel bad if you don’t have a 10-inch or 14-inch Drake II model to fit a non-standard installation.

As mentioned at the beginning, all Drake II toilets have a universal height or comfort height. The round bowl-shaped toilet complements the two-piece toilet of all Drake series.

Drake and Eco Drake series do not have a round bowl with a universal height.

So: if you want a Drake with a round bowl and a comfortable height, the Drake II will help you.

Round bowl toilet, Comfortable height

The flushing system is completely different from the traditional chain and baffle system within the original drain. Drake II uses the original tornado flushing system, which consists of a baffle-free tank flushing valve and a frameless bowl. As we all know, flush tanks (or reservoirs) are more reliable and durable than flush valves. You will experience more powerful flushing and less leakage.

But the value of the tornado rinse lies in the design of the bowl. In traditional bowls, these small edge outlets allow water to pour in for cleaning. However, this Toto Drake II toilet bowl uses an open-edge concept with two side outlets on the edge to provide double whirlpool water to flush the toilet. Thus, it’s not a waterfall cleaning, but a cyclonic cleaning of every inch of the bowl surface.

Cyclone cleaning tornado

Tornado cleaning, Tornado cyclone cleaning

The advantage of the Tornado washing system is the open-edge bowl. This means that there are now no edge holes to clean or deepen. To clean, simply wipe the edge of the opening and no more water jets to remove accumulated dirt or stains. Your floor will always be dry.

But most importantly, how strong is the flushing power?

TOTO Drake VS TOTO Drake II 1G, Flushing power

The Drake II and Drake II 1G toilets have a card level of 800. This is fully in the “highly recommended” category of card certification. What is impressive is the 1G model. Because the flushing capacity is reduced by 22%, you can remove 800 grams of waste in one flush.

Traditional glass surfaces may look smooth and flat to the naked eye. But when you look at it under a high-powered microscope, you can actually see the roughness. The surface is covered with microscopic pits and crevices, these pits and crevices are easily depleted, and bacteria accumulate on them.

TOTO achieves this high level of surface smoothness by applying a layer of transparent glaze on top of the standard color glaze. These smothers out the microscopic cracks that exist in traditional glazes. This additional layer of glaze improves the smoothness of the surface through multiple folds. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from sticking to the surface of the bowl.

Compared to other Drake, Drake II has a smaller water surface area. Although they may be the same size as the original drain pipe, the smaller water point does not affect flush performance.

Nevertheless, it is still the right size to submerge all the waste in water in the normal processing. As for why the surface size is getting smaller, follow the principle of water conservation. Compared to a larger flush volume, a smaller bowl requires less water to flush.

Now that you know the features of the toilet bowl, let’s look at all the models and proceed with your choice. If you are considering Drake and Eco Drake, which is easier.

There are only four basic models, each with one option. This type of toilet fits into the restroom, making it tidy.

TOTO Drake II VS Drake II 1G

If your top priority is water conservation, you have at least 22 options in Drake II or Drake II 1G and Eco Drake.

The four basic models are divided into the TOTO Drake II and Drake II 1G with round and elongated bowls. To begin your selection, first determine the flushing capacity. This is either 1.28 gpf or 1.0 gpf or Drake II and Drake II 1G, respectively. Then you select the bowl shape, and you’re all set.

In the long run, this will help you save water and money. Less water draining is equivalent to less water in the bowl. So it uses less water when flushing, but you can still get a higher card level.

You have to look at the overall flushing performance, not just the card level. Obviously, the Drake II is well-designed and has a high flushing performance. Take the Drake II 1G model, for example. At only 1.0 gallons per foot, it has the same flushing efficiency as the Drake II model -1.28 gallons per foot, but with a smaller water surface.

If you need a reason not to consider the Drake II, perhaps the only drawback is the higher price.

You may have read about the benefits of using a bidet toilet seat and are planning to buy one soon. Then you won’t have to look for the best bidet anymore. You’ll never go wrong with a Toto sink.

Toto Washlets have some of the best features in the industry. Features such as pre-mixing and bowl disinfection are Toto’s competitive advantages. If you like to use without the help of your hands, the automatic seat opening and closing will increase hygiene by several levels. The same applies to the extended smart toilet line.

Although its price is much more expensive, it will last you for several years. The return on investment will save you a lot of toilet paper and a cleaner drainage system. So if you want to buy a Drake II, you can turn it into a bidet.

There is no difference in the characteristics of the toilet, it is still the same Drake II toilet, slightly adapted for a better organization of the connection with the bathroom sink. On one side hangs the water pipe and the power cord. It looks neat, hides the power cord and deliberately prevents curious children and pets.

Toto offers 10 Washlet models, but only 4 are equipped with Drake II toilets. These are the C100, an entry-level bidet seat, the mid-range C200 model, and the S300E and S350E, which are advanced models. Whether you want a basic model or a clean toilet, the installation is the same. Even if a compensating flange is needed, a plumber will be able to install the cabinet in place. Or, if you think you’re up to the task, you can also try to do it yourself.

The first thing you should think about is the desired flush capacity.

Nevertheless, the current trend is ultra-high efficiency toilets.

The bowl disinfection function always eliminates the problem of waste stains or unsightly slip marks.


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