How do I use toothpaste outside my home


Useful substances in toothpaste

Many folk ways of using familiar things not for their intended purpose are known to our grandmothers. Creativity and natural wit sometimes suggest unexpected solutions.

Modern man is already used to diversity and abundance, it is difficult for a woman to imagine that her grandmother used only one kind of cream for any part of the body, that many products were universal.

For example, such a thing familiar to everyone from childhood, such as toothpaste, can serve not only as a tool for brushing teeth, but also be useful in everyday life. Especially useful grandmother’s secrets for travelers, vacationers and nature lovers. And in the house you don’t always have everything you might need, and toothpaste is always on hand.

Toothpastes contain a number of useful substances: light abrasives, whitening, anti-inflammatory and aromatic substances. These properties determine the additional uses of toothpaste.

Cleaning the walls with toothpaste

  • Removing colored pencil marks from walls.

Marker stains are very difficult to remove. They usually penetrate deep into the surface, making them difficult to remove. But still there are ways to remove stains from plastic, furniture, clothes. It is enough to use simple remedies to make the surface clean.

How to erase the marker from a non-porous surface?

Baking soda and toothpaste

Black marker can be removed with a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste. You will need a rag, which should be soaked in this product and treat the stain. The stain should soak for 10 minutes. If the stain is stale, you will need more time for exposure.

First of all, you need to choose the right toothpaste. The fact is that to remove stains from colored pencils and markers with toothpaste, not all toothpaste is suitable. After all, now produce toothpaste, which on the contrary can stain the walls. Of course, this toothpaste is just not suitable.

So, the paste must not have a color and not contain aggressive components, which are used in special whitening pastes, but other pastes can safely be used. And then, as they say, everything is simple, make a marker or colored pencil mark with toothpaste, then wait ten minutes and wipe with a clean flannel cloth or wipe with a damp cloth and let dry in the air.

Phone scratch removal, Remove scratches from your phone

  • Removing a scratch from the phone screen.

An ordinary toothpaste (preferably without any additives) will do the job. It is the gentlest abrasive, so direct exposure to the screen will not damage it in any way. All you need to do is take some toothpaste, apply a small amount to the scratch and use a piece of soft cloth to rub it in a circular motion for a few minutes. The result will be considered positive if the defect disappears completely or becomes almost invisible.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to your fingertips and it will leave a small scratch on the phone screen. Wipe it with a damp cloth and allow the phone to air dry.

And another way:
To polish the screen, turn off your smartphone. Cover all connectors with tape or painter’s tape. This is necessary to protect them from the paste. Also note that some scratches may take 2-3 hours to remove.

Apply toothpaste to a soft cloth. Then wipe the phone screen in a circular motion. Rub until the scratch disappears. If necessary, change the cotton pad and paste.

Anti fog for glasses

  • Toothpaste against fogging.

Swimmers know that goggles are an inconvenience. The lenses fog up and there is nothing to wipe them off in the pool. To keep the lenses clean, they are wiped down with toothpaste before swimming and then rinsed off with water.

The same trick can be done in winter with regular glasses. Now it will be easier for you to walk from the street into a warm room.

This method of using toothpaste is familiar to pool lovers and professional swimmers. The reason is that toothpaste is a great solution to the problem of fogging up swimming goggles and scuba gear. All you need to do is rub a little toothpaste into each lens and rinse your goggles with water. People in the know assure you that no special anti-fogging gel can remove the condensation on your goggles like toothpaste can!

Stain remover, Stain remover for clothes

  • Toothpaste can help get rid of stains on clothes.

Unfinished traces of grease on clothing can easily be removed with toothpaste foam.

How easy it is to get stains on your favorite things, sometimes it happens completely unexpectedly and at inopportune moments.

Sometimes simple remedies like lemon juice, toothpaste, alkaline mineral water work much better and faster than the most expensive stain removers. Also, in some cases, such as when you go to a restaurant, this is a sure way to get rid of the stain before it has a chance to “set” on your clothes.

Toothpaste can help get rid of old stains on clothes. Apply the toothpaste to the stain and rub it until it disappears. Then rinse the stain with water. Remember that using bleach paste on colored clothes can cause them to change color.

A sanitizer can be used to get stains out of carpet, upholstery, or clothing. In particular, toothpaste is excellent for dealing with stains from ink and lipstick. To do this, it is better not to use colored pastes and formulations with bleaching components – they can leave streaks or faded stains on the fabric. Dampen the soiled area with water, then rub the cleaner into the fabric. For stubborn stains, the procedure can be repeated several times. Be sure to remove the remains of the paste with clean water.

Headlight polishing, Headlight polish toothpaste

  • Make your headlights bright.

Many motorists leave positive feedback on headlight polishing with toothpaste: this method allows you to achieve a stunning effect, bringing the appearance of the car to perfection.

The appearance of yellowing, clouding and, as a consequence, the loss of the original brightness indicate that the headlights need cleaning. Strangely enough, not only special chemical cleaners, but also ordinary toothpaste are suitable for this purpose.

The reviews on headlight polishing with toothpaste – consistently positive – give reason to draw the simplest conclusion: for this simple procedure it is enough to own little effort, you should not bother the professionals from the car service for the sake of such a trifle.

We will need soft towels and the main ingredient – toothpaste. As for its specific type, preference is given to pastes that have in their composition baking soda, pyrophosphates, various whitening components – they provide proper “causticity”, are able to cope with turbidity and impurities.

The toothpaste on the sponge not only removes road stains and insect marks from car headlights, but also polishes fine scratches. Wipe with a damp cloth and rinse off.

It is better not to apply the paste to the surface of the glass, but to use a dry towel for this purpose, applying a small amount of product to it. Then the toothpaste should evenly cover the entire area of the headlights. Polishing is done gently, in a circular motion. In the process, you will notice how the dirt will start to come off.

Once you see that the job is done, you can remove the remaining toothpaste with water. After making sure that the headlight glass is clean and smooth, you need to carefully wipe it with a clean, dry material. The difference between the surface cleaned with your hands and the untreated toothpaste will be evident.

As you can see, using toothpaste in different ways can save not only time, but money as well!

And don’t forget about the time you’ll spend buying all those cleaners that can be replaced with one tube of toothpaste!

And how much space will be freed up in the nightstands where you usually keep all those dishwashing supplies and stain removers!


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