How to care for a bath towel for a small bathroom


Bath towel

I am a big fan of towels. I love them for their combination of colors, soft and dense cotton. Every time I visit a home improvement store, I have to resist the urge to buy more towels.

One of the reasons (besides budget) I don’t always buy towels is the space for them. For a one-room apartment with a small closet, there’s not enough room to fit them in the linen compartment.

But maybe you can’t resist buying one. Maybe you should get a nice new towel that fits your size. Brand new bathroom accessories.

And when you get home, you’ll probably wonder where to put those new towels or what to replace the old ones with?

Simple wall bars and rings

One way for practical storage and beautiful decor is to add more crossbars and rings to your bathroom. Hopefully, you have at least one crossbar for your regular bath towels. But have you thought about something smaller (or a ring) for hand towels?

The ring touches one hand towel, and the rung allows you to hang a towel on top of your hand towel. Choose an attractive color/pattern.

By arranging several decorative towels along the ring, you can easily organize your space without taking up a lot of storage space. 3-4 different patterns and/or colors instantly add style.

Wall shelves

What could be nicer than reaching for a fresh towel. Only to realize it’s far away, you have to get out of the shower and wet the floor.

One way to deal with this inconvenience is to have a fresh towel shelf next to the tub or shower. Shelves are commonly used in bathrooms and are better mounted on the wall so you can reach them after the shower.

Shelves have a rich style. Think of industrial pipe lathes and asymmetrical lathes, emergency lathes and machines. Shelves can enhance the look of your room in any style you like.

Towel rack system

If you have very little space, an over-use solution is always a great choice. From a simple single bar to a full system for washcloths and foot scrubs, it’s a great idea for saving space while storing all your beautiful towels.

However, when using a room door system, keep in mind whether the door is open or closed while towel drying. If a towel gets stuck between the wall and the door, it won’t dry very quickly and bacteria can breed in it. So hang your towel in a place with plenty of air so you can dry it as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Towel racks made of wood

If you have a little more space or if you have a nook next to the tub or shower, you might consider a towel rack or towel rack. They are more decorative and look better than other ways, so if you have a nice set of towels that you really want to display, you can’t go wrong.

Many towel racks and towel racks have extra space on the shower floor. You can use it for decor (2 seashell jars, you can have a plant, too). Alternatively, you can leave what you use in the bathroom on a semi-regular basis.

They come in a variety of styles, but are usually suitable for both traditional and modern decor.

Towel warmer shelf

Few things can compare to the feeling of a warm towel when you step out of the shower or tub. A little more expensive than the ones listed here, but heated shelves and baskets can be especially cool – a great way to store your towels.

Boxes take up floor space, which can be a problem for small bathrooms. However, a good towel rack takes up as much space as a rod or shelf, so it’s a good choice, especially if you like warm towels in the winter.

Pantry over the toilet

I like overhead pantries because they usually use the empty space. A good alternative to a medicine cabinet (if you don’t have one), and a bottle on top to store toilet towels, tissues and towels.

This will save you from having to keep a linen closet away from the bathroom and add space for small decor items. How about a collection of rubber ducks? 🙂

Before you buy one, take proper measurements to make sure it will fit your room. You’ll need a small space on either side of the toilet to install it.

As you can see, there are many ways to store and display your towels. Whether you need more towel storage for practical reasons (you want cleaner towels in the bathroom) or for style, browse through the many solutions and choose one that fits your space and your style.


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