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Freestanding bathtub

Bath on paws evoke strong emotions in many people. It can be nostalgia for simpler times, a desire for a spectacular design, or a longing for the deep, comfortable flow that a regular tub cannot provide. Whatever the motives, many people dream of such majestic beauty in their hometown. Perhaps you, too, are among them. But are you sure a freestanding tub is too big for a small bathroom or too expensive for your budget?

The answers to both questions are both yes and no. You can usually find a foot-long tub on paws between 60 and 67 inches long.

Professional bathroom designers advise that if you plan to install a freestanding shower, your bathroom should be at least 10 feet by 6 feet to accommodate a freestanding tub – 12 feet by 6 feet.

Prices for freestanding bathtubs may be higher than standard models, but that price includes a beautiful and comfortable bathtub available in a variety of colors, finishes and shapes. It adds a spectacular visual element to your bathroom.

Randolph Morris bathtubs

The Randolph Morris 60-inch slipper bath has both ends for head support and an elongated air bubble shape made the old-fashioned way from cast iron porcelain. Imperial claws are optional. Polished nickel and oil finish Prices range from $900 to $1,200, including rubbed bronze.

White footed bathtubs will fit into any bathroom decor. They will fit perfectly in vintage, antique, shabby chic, glamour, retro and modern styles. The legs of such bathtubs can be white or metal. Such a snow-white bath will look great in a girlish bathroom. Feminine note is felt at once.

Rayne footed bathtub

Bring sophistication to your bathroom with the Rayne Roll-Top Clawfoot Tub 60-inch bathtub. The sleek clawfoot legs add classic beauty to this freestanding acrylic tub. The sloping top and sloped back will allow you to sit comfortably while bathing.

Like many other baths, the Rayne is made of acrylic, which is not only lighter than traditional cast iron, but also retains heat better.

  • Total length: 59″ (bottom to top of tub)
  • Total width: 30-1/8″ (from bottom to top of tub)
  • Sink length: 38″ (left to right from bottom of sink)
  • Maximum water capacity: 50 gallons
  • Depth: 14″

Arabella bathtub for two people

This double “slipper tub” with adjustable lion’s foot feet is the ultimate in elegance and is perfect for bathing two people. It has a high back for comfortable bathing. The manufacturer offers a glossy finish that will stay shiny for years to come. Thicker than most bathtubs, it retains heat for a long time, making it welcome after a hard day on your feet.


Glossy white inner tub surface. Arabella bathtub exterior with a turquoise hue. Glossy floor with anti-slip finish. Sturdy cast-iron bathtub with inner and outer linings. Reinforced bath base tested on 1,100 lb. cast iron Medici legs.

Abbott bathtub

If you’re dreaming of a clawfoot tub but are afraid your bathroom (and budget) is too small, check out this compact tub.

Abbott’s 59-inch double-sided acrylic bathtub combines modern and classic design with streamlined cast aluminum legs.

Supported by aluminum supports, the Abbott bathtub gives your bathroom a chic and modern look. This freestanding tub is made of acrylic for durability and timeless quality. The dual-sided design allows you to recline comfortably on either side.

Design Features:

  • Modern Product Finish.
  • White overflow opening
  • Sleek interior finish
  • Capacity for 62 gallons of water

Bathtub on a pedestal Hotel Collection

Make the bathroom unusual and beautiful is not difficult, especially if its size allows your imagination to run wild. For this purpose it is enough to build a pedestal for the bath. This is one of the most successful architectural solutions.
From a visual point of view, the pedestal is necessary because it hides communications, so the step in the bathroom often appears not only for “cosmetic” but also for technical reasons.

Thanks to the extra wide design of this bathtub, you’ll get the most out of your bathing experience. Match it with the faucet of your choice to transform your bathroom.

A pedestal with flowing lines, inspired by the Art Deco era of the ’20s and ’30s, stands on the floor rather than on four legs.

Perfect for soaking in the evening with a glass of wine, stretching tired muscles and relaxing.


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