How to use microfiber cloths


Microfiber cloths

Microfiber cloths, rags and cloth wipes are designed to remove dust and can make cleaning your home easier. To get the most out of your microfiber, you need to follow a few simple maintenance rules. Microfiber cleaning products will keep your home clean for a long time. They wash in less than 30 minutes.

This type of material is made from very fine fibers that are several times thinner than human hair. Microfiber products have the highest level of hygroscopicity. Therefore, they are very good at absorbing moisture, do not leave streaks on any surface.

Necessary items:

  • washing machine
  • soap
  • a place to wash your hands (if you wash your hands)
  • drying rack
  • a place to put dry wipes (if you’re drying on a rope)
  • stain remover (if you pre-treat the fabric)

How to wash microfiber cloths

  • Classify microfiber cleaning cloth separately from clothing. Hair, dirt, dust, and fluff are attracted to microfiber clothing. Washing with regular laundry can make it much dirtier. Some people try to separate the dirtiest microfibers from the lightly soiled ones.
  • If a rag gets dirty, it’s time to pre-treat it. Use a stain remover, which depends on your cleaning habits, or add some laundry detergent to the thing and rinse.
  • Wash very dirty items in warm or hot water. Lightly soiled items can be washed in cold water at short intervals.
  • Dry the microfiber separately to prevent hair and fluff on your clothes. Since microfiber dries quickly, it can be dried in short cycles. We recommend using a dryer with detergent as the microfiber dries too quickly.

Non-woven microfiber cloths are very popular among housewives. They can be used for dry or wet cleaning in the house. They are ideal for optical devices, computer monitors, TV screens, jewelry.

Additional Recommendations:

  • Microfiber attracts and holds dust, so it’s important to keep it separate from other items.
  • If the microfiber cloth is dirty, it may scratch or damage the surface. Be sure to clean the microfiber cloth after each use – this is the best way to continue using it.

Several times a month, it is recommended to practice disinfecting the products. This can be done by soaking the wipes in a liquid that is at least 203 °F.


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