What is my favorite model of automatic hand dryer Hancle PSD-230T


You have to be very careful when choosing a hand dryer for company use, and as a result of market research in various areas, a very good know-how from the intellectuals of Naver has finally arrived.

Hand dryer machine

When I check out a hand dryer on the market, I’m too uncomfortable to put my hand in front of an obscure device that doesn’t dry it out at all. Probably even many people have the same opinion as I do.

Experts pointed out that this selected product is Hancle. PSD-230T, is more popular overseas, so it is mainly installed in famous overseas buildings and has excellent performance, so it is called one of the top three global brands along with Toto Japanese and Italian ARMONI.

Why are hand dryers (air towels) necessary and how to choose them correctly?

Hancle. PSD-230T

Hand dryers for bathrooms

If you visit developed countries and look closely, hand dryers are always installed in the bathrooms of large buildings, hotels, government offices, restaurants and hospitals.

However, in public toilets, even if a hand dryer is installed, there is a separate paper towel next to it. Wiping your hands with a tissue takes a long time, so it is hardly used.

Only recently in Korea, semiconductor factories, well-known food processing companies and some large companies have installed a hand dryer with good performance and turbo drying function, thereby reducing costs and preserving users’ hygiene.

Why do you need a hand dryer

1. For personal hygiene

After washing your hands in the bathroom sink, using a common dirty towel will expose you to various germs that you don’t even know about. In addition, if you use substandard toilet paper, traces of chemicals such as formalin penetrate your skin, which is very bad for your health, they even get into your eyes or mouth.

2. For customers

Doctors and chefs in particular have a responsibility to prevent the risk of indirect transmission of germs to clients by keeping their hands clean at all times. Neglecting this is something of a criminal act, and it requires careful hand hygiene, and it’s not easy to use a hand sterilizer, which is difficult to use and causes problems on the skin for complete disinfection.

Turbo hand dryer

The easiest and almost perfect way is to use a hand dryer.

3. Economic reasons

For example, if you choose a standard toilet with five toilets and display the cost data – it costs more to use paper napkins than to use a hand dryer alone.

It is estimated that using a hand dryer instead of a paper towel reduces the cost by a factor of 60/80.

4. Environmental reasons

Toilets that use paper wipes are always wet on the floor, used wipes are scattered all over the floor, and trash can be messy. And the janitor often has to sweep the floor to take out the trash and pick up the tissues thrown on the floor. From a distance, litter formation is also related to environmental issues in the nation’s society.

However, using a hand dryer almost solves these problems, so using a hand dryer seems almost necessary in today’s society.

Then why are existing hand dryers ignored?

Hand dryer

1. Drying too long time.

Inexpensive hand dryers installed by construction companies according to the formal range usually take more than 1 minute (the catalog specifies 30 seconds) to dry, so users will prefer to use napkins or towels.

2. Serious malfunction due to frequent sensor failure.

Inexpensive products are very annoying, for example, they can’t work even if only a few foreign substances get into the sensor, or they easily shut down during operation, so they should be avoided.

In addition, dryers are installed at a low price, which are not a quality product, but since the user must take the product and use it, but when it breaks down, of course the user often neglects it.

3. Even if there is no breakage, it is very reluctant to lift your hands and dry twice, if the cheap dryers had a program of more than 1 minute for quality drying.

Types of hand dryers

1. Type with low price – supercharger engine in speed is less than 3000 rpm.

2. New turbo drying method (space-type); 20,000 rpm or more.

3. New turbo drying method (installed type).

What should you pay attention to when choosing a product?

Undoubtedly, in the future, the form of attaching a hand dryer to the range and formally burdening building users with double costs will disappear and be replaced by turbo-dryer products that function properly.

In keeping with this trend, many turbocharger products are popping up, but since it is still an immature item, you should check the following items to choose a product.

1. Is the super-motor motor a quick-acting brush-type motor?

The electric motor that drives the blower fan should be of the brush type to ensure a quick response. If it responds too slowly, it takes a long time to dry out and reduces efficiency.

2. Does it not exceed the relevant noise standard?

In general, since the turbo-type uses an ultra-high-speed motor, it inevitably generates quite a lot of noise. However, since products over 70 decibels cause discomfort in the environment, it is better to choose a product with good sound insulation below 65 decibels.

3. Choose a product with a long service life.

Turbo-motors have to blow strong winds all the time, so if the engine is of poor quality, it will have a shorter lifespan. Basically, you need to choose a product with a lifetime of over 300,000 times, and there are products with a lifetime of less than 100,000 times because of the difference in technology, and there are products that guarantee over 1 million times.

4. Does the product have good infrared sensor characteristics?

Low-level products are mistakenly recognized as having the human body even in diffuse light (light shining in a mirror, etc.), Noise, sunlight, etc. etc. And work on their own or, conversely, do not work even if a person puts their hand on them.

The sensor must have at least a three-point infrared detection method to work properly without malfunctioning.

5. Products with carefully designed safety devices.

In addition to a four-stage safety device consisting of a temperature fuse, an overcurrent fuse, a bimetal and a timer, it has its own heater temperature control device, a heater power cut-off device when the motor stops rotating, and an automatic infrared detection distance control device.

6. Products with an antibacterial filter.

Human body proteins can easily decompose due to moisture, which can cause bacteria to multiply, but using an antibacterial filter is essential, so fresh and clean air always comes out when using a filter.

7. Is this a product with an international certification mark?

Products with international certifications such as U/L in the United States, CE in Europe, and PSE in Japan, which have the strictest regulations, will be reliable.


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