How to use Bio Bidet, How to use Bio Bide model Uxury B-1000 Supreme, USPA 6800U, USPA 6800, USPA 6800


Bio bidet

The toilet is always in a small space in an enclosed space with poor ventilation, for example, under the stairs, of course, you can not do without deodorant. A product that effectively removes odors from the air and does not use chemicals to mask those odors will come in handy.

The deodorant attached to the biological bidet seat is equipped with an exhaust fan with activated charcoal (charcoal) to effectively remove odors. The activated charcoal in the form of a toner cartridge is easy to replace and inexpensive.

However, the deodorant is only available in some models. So be sure to find it in the feature list.

All high-end models have this deodorizing feature. And only the Uxury B-1000 Supreme, USPA 6800U and USPA 6800 series have this deodorizing function.

Bio bidet uspa 6800, Bio bidet Uxury B-1000 Supreme, Bio bidet USPA 6800U

When you’re finished, press the air dryer button and a stream of warm air will dry your body. Feel the power of the air, which frankly exceeds the highest point. It’s superb. To enjoy the operation of the dehumidifier, you need to press the button several times.

But frankly, it’s not just a biological bidet, the whole bidet can’t be dried with the click of a mouse. You can’t expect a small fan motor to generate airflow like a regular hand dryer. If you’re in a hurry, you may have to gently wipe dry with paper. But the airflow is nice and warm, and you can adjust the temperature to your liking.

Bidet with air dryer, Bidet with dryer

Ask yourself a question – can you do without a dehumidifier?

All the more advanced bidet seat models are equipped with dehumidifiers. Except for electric models, heated seats are not suitable for any quality bidet toilet. No matter where you are, you can’t refuse this feature. But if your body doesn’t need to be heated, you can turn this feature off.

All biological bidets are equipped with a heated seat with adjustable temperature.

Heated bidet toilet seat, Heated bidet

All functions, both on demand and by default, can be performed on the remote control or on the side panel.

Bidet remote control

The button inscription on the control is very simple for text and icons. More advanced models will have an LCD screen for easy operation and presetting of relevant functions.

The remote control model is more popular with users because it provides convenience. However, for those who do not want to deal with battery replacement and remote control firmware, the side control panel is best. Therefore, this should also be considered when choosing a bidet.

Uxury B-1000 Supreme vs USPA 6800U vs USPA 6800

Uxury B-1000 Supreme
USPA 6800U
USPA 6800

For the function of simply lowering the water pressure, whether in the back or in the women’s bath mode, it can simulate the sensation of sitting in a bathtub. With temperature and water pressure controls, you can feel like you’re in the bathtub.

So, when you sit down on the bidet, don’t panic – you won’t find anything in the instruction manual about how to start the bidet.

One aspect of choosing a bidet is aesthetics. You want the best toilet seat for yourself. Most users will like a slim or as close as possible to a regular toilet seat. Then you have to figure out and decide on the type of water heater installed on the bidet seat.

There are three types of water heaters (there are three types of biological bidets) – a tank, a ceramic heater and a hybrid water heater, which is a combination of a water tank and a ceramic heater.

So what are the differences and which heating system is better?

All three options have their advantages and disadvantages

They can easily be distinguished by their power rating or appearance

Tank water heaters :

The most common and have a long history. The bidet has a water tank, the water is heated and stored in it.

In order to provide you with warm water on demand, the water heater must be on all the time. Therefore, it is not as energy efficient compared to other heating systems. In addition, the supply of hot water is limited by the capacity of the water tank.

Usually you can heat the warm water 30-50 seconds before the cold water comes in. You should stop spraying and wait a few minutes for the warm water to recover.

A water heater bidet is easy to identify by its appearance. Because the bidet has a high back to accommodate the water tank, it cannot be very thin. The power rating is usually between 400 watts and 600 watts.

The main advantage of the ATAK type water heater is that it has a built-in pump that can provide a strong water pressure. Therefore, if you like a powerful jet the most, choose Bio-BIDET bidet – a type of bidet with a water heater.

Ceramic water heaters :

Unlike water heaters, bidet seats with ceramic heating elements do not require a water tank. This is due to the rapid heating of the ceramic at high power, the water heats up immediately. And since there is no need to preheat the water, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of warm water for as long as you want.

Since there is no water tank, the bidet can be made thinner. But the disadvantage is that the power level is high. Typically, the power rating of a bidet with a ceramic heater ranges from 1000 watts to 1400 watts, which is twice the power of the water tank heater.

But the good news is that you don’t have to use as much energy all the time. The heater will only turn on when you’re sitting down. As soon as you get up from the bidet seat, the power to the heater will automatically turn off.

Using simple mathematical calculations, you can compare the energy consumption of ceramic heaters and tank heating systems.

(Ceramic) 1200 W, 10 minutes each time.

(water tank) 500 W, 24/7

What consumes the most energy?

Within 24 hours, tank-type energy consumption increased significantly.

Of course, no one is saying that you have to turn on the water tank heater 24 hours a day. You can turn on the water tank heater first, and when you are done pouring, the water in the water tank can be ready for you.

Main drawback of ceramic heaters is that they create low water pressure. This is due to the lack of a pump, since the bidet has no water tank.

Hybrid System :

The hybrid system, the best of the two, the hybrid system has features: a water tank and a ceramic heater. It has a water tank with a built-in pump and uses ceramic heating elements. Plus, the tank is smaller, so it’s not as bulky. It has the same power rating as the ceramic heater. So you can get an unlimited amount of warm water and a powerful jet as needed.

In terms of appearance, the hybrid type is not as subtle as the ceramic type. But sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference. Therefore, it is best to look at the name or description provided by the manufacturer. The biological bidet informs us about the hybrid heating system.

The higher cost is the main disadvantage of hybrid systems.

You don’t have to care too much about the type of bio-bidet heater you like. There is a difference, but it is hardly noticeable with normal use, unless you are in the habit of extending your spray time for extended use, for example. Then ceramic or mixed heating will suit you better.


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