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As the weather gets cooler, smart toilet lids with features such as warm water washing and seat heating are becoming an increasing consumer choice for home consumption in the fall and winter. These types of products have many names, even though they are small in size, they are full of technology and features. In fact, they have many advantages, but still beauty has disadvantages. To help consumers purchase satisfactory products, let’s “open the lid” of the smart toilet together.

Best smart toilet

The popularity of smart toilets is low.

From touch-screen faucets to automatic dryers, more and more smart products are popping up all around us, and smart toilet lids are a representative of them.

The smart toilet lid appeared in the United States and was used for medical care for the elderly. warm water wash function. It was later introduced and perfected by TOTO plumbing in Japan. In the 1980s, the “Washlet” model was launched, which has the functions of heating the toilet lid, warm water washing, warm air drying and sterilization.

TOTO Washlet

Smart toilet covers have been popularized in Southeast Asian countries such as Europe, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, and the application rate in the home has reached more than 80%. In Japan, its users are mostly concentrated in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin.

Best bidet toilet, Best smart seat, Best bidet

Plumbing brands such as TOTO, Kohler, American Standard, Faenza, Shanggao, and appliance brands represented by Panasonic and Songqiao have launched smart toilet lid products with names such as smart toilet seat, smart bidet, and smart toilet lid. Wait for it. But basically the same is that each brand’s products basically combine several functions, such as warm water washing, seat heating, warm air drying and smart deodorization.

Different brands also have their own advantages: some emphasize self-cleaning and deodorizing, others emphasize instant heating, others emphasize different water wash modes.

The smart toilet lid is a household product, but it still belongs to the category of electrical appliances.

Smart toilet seat, TOTO smart toilet seat, TOTO WASHLET

As a rule, a “smart” toilet lid with basic functions – seat heating, warm water flushing and a self-cleaning nozzle – costs from $250 to $350.

A smart toilet lid with automatic deodorizing and warm air drying functions costs about $450.

The price of imported smart toilets with automatic reading and remote control features or brands is at least $800-1000.

Many high-quality products, equipped with remote controls and made of imported materials, cost nearly $1,500. It can be purchased at home improvement stores, or online retailers.

The installation process is also very simple: you only need to remove the original toilet lid, install the smart toilet lid, and you can use it. It’s easy to do in less than half an hour. The warranty period for a smart toilet cover is usually one year, and many manufacturers also provide lifetime maintenance services.

Advantages :

Hygienic use TOTO WASHLET

The rinse and wash function of the smart toilet seat can replace toilet paper after each toilet use, making it easier to remove viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites that cause infectious diseases. Has spiral massage, water wave massage and other cleaning methods. Smart toilet seat can spray rotating water, smart toilet cover has strong and weak water flow, spa massage cleaning function.

The smart toilet lid with multiple flush modes not only removes dirt effectively, but also has a massage effect. The front and rear movable jets can meet the different cleaning needs of men and women. Use the warm water and warm air of the smart toilet to clean and dry to stimulate the capillaries and improve blood circulation. Prolonged use can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Warm seat TOTO WASHLET , Toilet warm seat TOTO WASHLET

During the cold season, the cold touch of the toilet seat makes people shudder, and the smart toilet lid seat can automatically warm up to a temperature suitable for the human body. Many brands have also introduced temperature-controlled seats with different temperature settings that can be adjusted according to personal preference, geographic location and weather conditions. So you no longer have to fear feeling cold when you go to the bathroom.

Self-cleaning, deodorizing, energy-saving TOTO WASHLET

Smart toilet lids mostly use stainless steel sprinklers. Most professional brands make products with a self-cleaning function, meaning that after each use, the sprinkler will spray a waterfall of water to remove the soiled parts. Nowadays, many smart toilet lids also have a deodorizing function, the principle of which is to use a built-in photocatalyst or activated carbon to eliminate odors. In addition, if the toilet lid is not used for a long time, it automatically reduces the temperature of the seat and water to save energy.


The lid is not suitable for all toilets

Although a toilet lid combines intelligence, humanity, technology, and design, they are not suitable for all toilets. Currently, all major products with smart toilet lids focus on arc-shaped toilets, and lids that fit square toilets are relatively rare. Second, the smart toilet lid has limitations on the distance from the water tank to the front edge of the toilet seat and the distance between the installation holes. If the size of the consumer’s home exceeds the allowable range, the smart toilet lid cannot be installed. Which means either “toilet bowl replacement” or “Out of stock”.

High purchase and maintenance costs

As an electrical product, the smart toilet lid contains high-tech equipment such as internal motors and integrated circuits, so the initial one-time investment cost is relatively high. In addition, if there is a problem with the smart toilet lid that has expired, it means that consumers must repair it at their own expense. If the product needs to replace major components, that also costs a lot of money.

Elderly people and children find it difficult to operate

One side of the smart toilet lid often has a control panel with many buttons or a remote control with many buttons. This undoubtedly increases the complexity of the operation for the elderly and children. If used improperly, you will not be able to achieve the effect of spraying water, heating, deodorizing, etc. And you may even cause the product itself to malfunction.

Self cleaning toilet seat, Deodorizing toilet, Energy saving toilet

Installation conditions :

The size of the toilet bowl must meet the requirements of the lid

Smart toilets of different brands and sizes have different toilet bowl requirements. But the basic parameters are basically the following four points: water tank to the front end of the toilet seat, installation hole B and distance to the seat ring, distance C from the installation hole, distance D from the water tank to the installation hole. Consumers can measure their toilets in advance and then go to the store to consult with the brand sales staff to determine if the product is suitable.

Backup water pipes and outlets

Since warm water is required for cleaning, it is naturally necessary to reserve a special water pipe for the smart toilet lid instead of using recycled filtered water. In addition, you need to reserve an outlet to power the toilet lid well in advance.

IMPORTANT ! Avoid contact with toilet cleaner.

In later use, if consumers are unsure of its self-cleaning function, they can also use a toothbrush to manually clean its nozzles. Also, be careful not to touch the lid of the smart toilet with toilet cleaner so that the acidic components do not corrode the electrical components and shorten the service life.


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