What kind are the best Bio Bidet seat classes Theslim One, IB-835, BB-270


Economy Class – Bio Bidet BB-270, First Class – Bio Bidet Theslim One, Premium Class – Bio Bidet IB-835

Bio Bidet offers three types of bidet seats. They are first class, premium class and economy class.

Economy class includes all non-electric seats and accessories for the Thenon bidet.

To use these non-electric bidet seats or bidet accessories, make sure the water pressure is between 20 and 80 psi.

Bio Bidet BB-270

Bio Bidet BB-270

Most families should have no problem with the water pressure being within this range. But if you’re not sure, find a water valve pressure gauge. It is very easy to use. Just screw the pressure gauge to the shut-off valve, turn the power to maximum, and you can read the reading right away.

If you don’t have an outlet near your toilet, these manual bidet seats and accessories are your best choice. Although it doesn’t provide the convenience of these electric versions, you can still enjoy the cleanliness it provides.

Thebb-270 double sink will provide water even if you need warm water. Simply run a separate water line from the nearest hot water source (sink, tub) to the bidet.

Thebb-270 double sink

Its operating principle is similar to that of a premium or deluxe bidet, with adjustable temperature and water head. It is equipped with dual self-cleaning nozzles, which are used for rear and female cleaning.

Note the water pressure limit listed on the data sheet/user manual for each bidet seat or accessory.

So, if you need a heated seat, warm water cleaning, air dryer and a feature that requires electricity, you can skip this section.

Between first class and deluxe, the price ranges from $200 to $700. So you’ll more or less know where to limit your budget. But before you do, figure out what features and models make sense for you. Then you’ll know how flexible your dollar can be with existing options.

first grade:

Bio Bidet Theslim One

This is a hot topic for those looking for spa treatments and unprecedented cleanliness when going to the bathroom.

In this advanced class you can understand all the best features of Bio Bidet. For example, the three-in-one nozzle system, hydraulic flushing and the industry’s only vortex or turbine cleaning.

whirlwind cleaning

If you want all the characteristics you’ve learned, this is where you can get the most out of them.

Not all models in this class have all of the features mentioned above. So choose the model that best fits your needs and budget.

In this case most people will have a budget of about $500 or less to buy an electric bidet toilet seat.

The cheapest model of this type of product is the Slim One; for about $200, you can buy a three-in-one nozzle with turbo cleaning function, which is very cost-effective.

Bio Bidet Theslim One

Does that sound good enough for you? It’s all luxury toilet bidet seat.

Note the water pressure limit listed on the data sheet/user manual for each bidet seat or accessory.

The demand for built-in toilets is growing. What’s more, it seems to be filling the gap between brightly colored artistic toilets and high-end traditional ceramic pots and bowls.

premium class:

Bio Bidet IB-835

There are 9 products in this category: 1 seat (ultra-thin), 5 accessories, 1 manual bidet sprayer and 2 travel bidets.

This luxury toilet integrated with the ib-835 and bidet function will be your only choice.

Bio Bidet IB-835

It looks like a high-tech pot, and in terms of features and characteristics is not inferior to some well-known brands of smart toilets.

If you want to replace the old water tank and toilet and plan to add a bidet seat, be sure to include this integration with ib-835 – a viable option.

The main difference with smart toilets is the flush.

Flushing smart toilets, Flushing toilet

The ib-835 combines the use of gravity and siphon force to remove waste. By definition, it is a combined water tank and bowl with a flushing mechanism, similar to any conventional gravity-flush toilet.

The biggest advantage is that you can still flush normally in the event of a power failure, unlike smart toilets without water tanks that use electric pumps to flush.

This toilet bidet features a 1.6 g / ft. single flush and an automatic flush function. You can also start the flush using the mechanical button on the side of the seat or the flush button on the remote control. On the left side of the seat is a small control panel with a power button and basic flushing functions. So if the remote control fails, you can still flush it (no need to set the function).

The self-cleaning rod or nozzle made of antibacterial plastic guarantees clean, fresh water every time you clean.

In terms of size, the width and length of the entire bathroom is a good 15.8 inches by 27.8 inches, making it easy to fit any bathroom. It also features a stylish remote control that adds to the beauty of a modern bathroom.

Last but not least, the height of the toilet bowl is 15 inches, which is similar to most standard-height toilets. However, with a seat thickness of about 2 inches, the seat height is a little over 17 inches, which is the same as a medium-height bathroom.

The IB-835 does not automatically open/close the seat. You must raise and close the seat – its cover manually.

In terms of functionality, the biological bidet series is still a step behind Japanese health care manufacturers. It lacks the self-disinfection function.

Even the most modern Kohler bidet seat is equipped with an ultraviolet function that protects the rod from contamination.

Biological bidets use only water. You can say that they are very effective in flushing the rods. Hydraulic flushing is a good design, but it has no disinfecting effect on the nozzle.

Compared to Toto’s award-winning waste water disinfection system (electrolyzed water), which does not meet Japanese sanitary standards at all. If the biological bidet can contain a reliable aseptic system, it could be a competition for the leaders in the same industry in the future.


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