How to use the washing machine incorrectly, What can’t I do with my washing machine


The new washing machine is already in the bathroom. Everyone is insanely happy about this purchase and has high hopes for the “helper”. But before proceeding to the first wash, it is necessary to read the instructions and understand how to use the washing machine of the chosen brand (automatic and semi-automatic).

Housewives are confronted daily with washing things in the washing machine. On the one hand, it is an easy task. However, many people make mistakes, because of which things after washing become unusable. Also, improper actions can cause the washing machine to break down.

Observance of labels on clothing

From a technical standpoint, washing machines have come and gone, and modern machines have made the workload much easier, but washing machines still can’t read tags and choose the right settings without our help. To know how to properly wash your laundry, you need to know the manufacturer’s instructions for that type of fabric. Failure to follow and follow the labels can cause color bleeding, fabric shrinkage, or damage to your laundry.

Selecting the wrong setting

Learn about your washing machine’s preferences and how to customize it for your clothes. It is true that most of our clothes are washed and perfected by a simple set. If you have a habit of washing all your clothes in this setting, learn how to take out clothes that have specific instructions that you need to wash separately or in small batches. This will save you a lot of hassle in your closet and washing machine!

Use of additional detergent

If your clothes are very dirty, you decide you need extra detergent. This is wrong! It’s better to wash twice in a row with detergent than to load excess detergent. Prewash settings are available in many machines. The newest washing machines are designed to save energy and water. Excess soap is not properly flushed out with the amount of water that is released. Instead, water can remain on the clothes or accumulate inside the washer, building up in the machine’s components.

Putting wet clothes inside the washing machine

During laundry, we are distracted by other things. But leaving mold and odors on your laundry and smells from the washing machine is bad for you, your clothes, and the machine. Set a timer or reminder on your phone to pull your clothes out regularly to avoid bad smells and spoiling things.

Forget to sort

Before loading things into the washing machine, they should be sorted according to two characteristics – color and type of fabric.

Do not wash synthetic items with fleece or velvet, or red with white.

Forgetting to sort your laundry is one of the easiest ways to ruin your luggage or computer. Unsorted laundry can cause mixed colors, shrinking clothes and unwanted material in pockets during laundry. Before you open the lid and load laundry, look in your pockets for a black permanent marker that can mark the entire load, including the washer drum and front glass. Check all front, back and inside pockets.

Getting out of mechanical imbalance

If your washing machine seems a little unbalanced, you can fix the problem before it gets worse. Adjusting the machine in the bottom corner takes a few minutes and makes a huge difference. An unbalanced load causes the washing machine to work much harder, which can eventually lead to wear and tear on the unit and its parts. With a little effort, it can lead to costly repairs later.

In order to ensure that the appliance works properly for many years, do not put heavy things on it, do not forget about preventive cleaning and do not make other mistakes.

Laundry is a joy, not a torment.


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