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Kohler is one of the best toilet

It may be the only toilet model in a billion, you only need to see a Kohler San Souci toilet.

Kohler is one of the best toilet bowl manufacturers on the planet.

Well, it’s not hard to understand why, especially when you consider the modern design of the bathroom.

This integrated Kohler is designed to appeal to people who want to get rid of the boring “tank and basin” toilet look, but still prefer toilet water tanks in their bathrooms.

Of course, there are always super-beautiful options, but it’s a different feel, and it can’t be compared to a bidet. It’s reliable, good quality, and you’re always happy with your choice.

So: what is the look that makes the Kohler San Souci solid bowl stand out from the competition?

Kohler San Souci

Kohler San Souci

This toilet has a slight design advantage (in terms of appearance): it is so irresistible that it is hard to take your eyes off it, especially if you are an impulsive buyer. After all, even the bathroom designer himself can’t resist.

Anyway, this Kohler San Souci toilet review will reveal the good and bad sides of this Kohler integrated toilet. It’s all about relieving your helpless impulse and helping you make smart purchases.

Kohler-San-Souci toilets are also available in online stores and have few reviews and low ratings. If this makes you think that its performance may not be as good as Santa Rosa’s, it is seriously misleading.

In fact, the specifications are very similar to the thoroughly tested Santa Rosa toilet.

The only difference, of course, is in appearance. Like it or not, the San Souci is much better looking, and its performance is not bad at all.

Kohler Santa Rosa

Let’s look at the similarities between Santa Rosa and San Souci

Kohler Santa Rosa

As you can see, there is no great contrast in characteristics.

Overall height has nothing to do with flush performance.

However, the height and length of the bowl will affect the curvature and diameter of the trapeze, which in turn affects the power of the trap. And since the bowl sizes of the two toilets are almost the same, there should be no significant difference in flushing power and efficiency.

The difference between the overall length and width of the bowl respectively does not affect the quality of cleaning the toilet bowl.

It’s not exactly like that. But it is close.

This depends on the significantly different design of the flush valve, even though both use a water piston flushing system. The San Souci piston flush valve is more powerful than the Santa Rosa valve. Despite the low profile of the flush tank, they are both capable of powerful flushing. So it’s far from a pretty piece of bathroom furniture.

The water piston flush valve used in the San Souci toilet is different from the Santa Rosa valve. In this case, the body of the canister flush valve is shorter. Apparently, this is done to adapt to the design of the low-profile tank. This can only mean that the higher the water tank of the Santa Rosa toilet, the faster the water flows.

As you can see, the San Souci still has an impressive flush rating. Which falls into the “highly recommended” category for its excellent flush performance.

Kohler Cimarron

The Cimarron is one of Kohler’s best-selling toilets.

Kohler Cimarron

Quite rightly, there are two reasons why the Cimarron cannot be a good comparison model. This model has the same fate as the San Souci toilet bowl. Now let’s take a look at the features of this sexy San Souci dressing table. There is always a model to fit your needs.

There are ten colors to choose from, and it’s impossible to find a color that matches a modern bathroom finish. If you like a toilet with a high sink, you’ll love this Kohler San Souci toilet.

These are models of comfortable height that meet the standards of barrier-free design. Usually, not everyone likes high toilets. In fact, the comfortable height does not bring comfort to these people at all.

A significant advantage of the water piston flush valve is that the open sealing material is 90% less than that of a conventional flush valve. This canister valve design eliminates the possibility of leakage. Over the years, Kohler has perfected its water piston valve to improve performance and eliminate leaks.

Using lever-operated models is an advantage over non-contact flushing.

If you have a small bathroom and the ventilation is not ideal, this might be a good choice. Always make sure the bathroom is fresh and smells nice.

You don’t have to deal with a dead battery.

You are also saving money.

It is very difficult and inconvenient to install the toilet alone. Not recommended for safety reasons. You should use helpers to install or hire experts. This beautiful toilet may be small, but in a large piece of fragile porcelain it weighs over 90(40kg) pounds.

The toilet can easily be damaged during installation. Therefore, during the entire installation process, install carefully, take your time, pay attention to safety. Remember that this is a one-piece toilet bowl. There is no room for mistakes leading to cracks or chips, making the toilet bowl unsafe or unusable.

However, installing this Kohler San Souci toilet is not difficult. Unlike most concealed flush toilets, where the mounting bolts are hidden, this San Souci toilet is as accessible as any toilet with an open flush. This is a standard toilet installation. No special procedures or installation materials and tools are required. Any competent plumber will easily complete the entire installation.

Santa Rosa vs San Souci

The main disadvantage of the fixed toilet is ceramic.

If you break any part of the cistern or toilet bowl, except for the cistern lid, you must replace the entire toilet bowl. Thus, this Kohler San Souci integrated toilet is no different from other one-piece ceramic toilets.

But, of course, you’re more interested in the specific problems of this toilet. Yes, this San Souci non-contact flush toilet can replicate those ghost flushes that waste water and money. The scary thing about it is that it can reproduce itself without human intervention.

So unless you take the necessary steps to stop the flow of water, one of the nights you least expect it is at midnight when the bathroom toilet flushes and the door creaks open.

Which is better ? Left or right flush handle.

If you look at TOTO or American standards, you’ll find that all of their flush toilets with a stroke lever are left-handed by default. So Kohler provided a right-handed option for this San Souci toilet, for which he was honored. Although he offers limited color options, he provides a solution for those who might need it.

The overall aesthetic imprint of the smooth and curved integrated surface of the tank bottom and bowl, as well as the wide front bowl bottom, creates a sense of embracing sight and touch. This is every designer’s favorite modern bathroom design. If you don’t have the funds for a hanging system or a smart tankless toilet, consider this Kohler San Souci toilet. It’s a lot easier with the wallet, and there are no compromises in aesthetics or functionality.

For any product worth more than $500, reviews are usually scarce. Of course, there are exceptions, but that’s usually the case. Consequently, based on this logic, you can conclude that the Santa Rosa model is getting more attention, it’s a one-piece toilet in San Souci.

As you can see when comparing these two models, their characteristics are quite similar. So the only conclusion you can draw can be that the higher the price of San Souci, the fewer buyers, therefore the number of reviews and the lower the price of Santa Rosa toilets, the fewer reviews.

If you decide to choose the non-contact flushing mode, be sure to take steps to prevent unpleasant phantom flushing.


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