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Brondell bidet toilet seat

Whether it’s a bidet accessory or a full-featured, high-quality toilet seat, there’s no shortage of options. From $30 to $1,000, all brands, you’ll be spoiled. It’s a matter of searching within your budget and according to your needs.

But it’s easier said than done. When you start researching, you may be amazed at the myriad of options and contradictory comments you’ll encounter. So, if this is your first time trying to choose a bidet seat, it’s best to state your preferences first. Determine which features are necessary and which are good, and compare that to how much you’re willing to spend.

So whether it’s for hygiene or health, or just for the comfort and convenience of a bidet, there’s always one for you. When you understand the characteristics and advantages of the different types of bidets, you will find that choosing a toilet seat is very easy.

To understand the reasons for such high ratings, let’s go back to an era when Americans still did not accept the idea of using a bidet. After the “business” is over, you wash the oval basin next to the toilet. There are many reasons, but we won’t discuss them here.

In 1990 Toto presented in the USA the first innovative technologies of toilets and toilet seats. Toto is known primarily for its high-tech toilets, leaving far behind all its competitors, thanks to the company’s constant improvement of its technology and the introduction of new developments.

Toilet seats with bidet, Toto toilets

Toto toilets – it’s always impeccable quality, stylish design, innovations.

Americans first saw the look and function of a modern bidet toilet seat.

Has it completely changed the toilet habits of Americans since then?

TOTO exhibition in 1990

Until not too long ago. It was just beginning to gain momentum. This means that more and more people in China are facing the bidet location for the first time. Judging by the large number of positive reviews, they really like it.
It will take time for the market to mature. This is when people are more experienced with the products and have higher expectations. Only then, according to user experience, will the good, the bad and the mediocre begin to surface.
So, when everyone tells you their toilet is the best, how do you choose the best toilet? Read on and you’ll find the perfect bidet position in minutes.

The most expensive type is the electric bidet seat. Here you can find the most intermediate and advanced models from this category. Prices range from $200 to $1,000. If you need more than basic functionality, you should see it here.

Heated bidet toilet seat


Features such as seat heating, dehumidifiers, adjustable temperature and deodorants are common to these high quality bidet seats. The difference lies in the health department and the way the spray function is set up and scheduled. In short, if you are looking for comfort, convenience and hygiene, this is the right place to start.
There are also electric bidet seats and bidet accessories. Typically under $100, they provide basic bidet features for regular use. They operate under water pressure, so the last thing you should be concerned about is the water pressure in your home. You should make sure you have the minimum water pressure to work with these non-electric toilet seats. The normal pressure in your home should be between 45 and 55 pounds per square inch.

The advantage of these hydrodynamic bidets is that they are not affected by power outages. If there are no problems with the water supply, you can continue to clean. They are easy to install, easy to clean and easy to maintain.
If you’re just trying, these inexpensive bidet seats or accessories are the perfect way to “wipe down” the water in your lower body.
Compared to non-electric bidets or manual bidets, electric bidets have more features and can provide better hygiene, comfort and convenience. It all depends on your budget, price to functionality ratio, ease of operation and quality of cleaning.

Thus, to determine which features you need, it is important to understand how they work and what their benefits are. For your convenience, these functions are divided into standard, intermediate and advanced.
Let’s start with the standard or basic features, will equip the typical electric bidet seat, whether it is an inexpensive model, a mid-range model or a high-end model.

Deodorization toilet, The nozzle toilet


The nozzle is the most important part of any bidet seat. It is usually made of stainless steel or plastic or a combination of both. But stainless steel nozzles are always considered more durable and hygienic. The same plastic nozzle as the Japanese bidet seat is made of high quality plastic and is usually used for antibacterial sanitary purposes.

Most bidets have one or two nozzles for forward and backward flushing. In either case, the position of the nozzle is adjustable for better contact. The nozzle tip (or nozzle tip) is designed to provide spray angles for different wash modes. It usually has a wide jet and a standard jet for back and front washing. The wide jet is more suitable, or rather it is a ladies’ jet.


Whether it is stainless steel or plastic, the nozzle rarely needs to be replaced. Some models will have a removable nozzle that can be replaced regularly. This removable nozzle is suitable for models without the automatic sanitizing feature.
All bidet seats should have a self-cleaning nozzle feature. More advanced models will include a disinfecting function as well as disinfecting the nozzle each time it is used.

Heated seats are a big advantage of electric bidet seats. If you live in snowy country, you will appreciate this feature the most. Especially in winters like this, comfortable and warm seats like hot cocoa make your cold buttocks comfortable.
The seat surface temperature is adjustable from about 80 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can usually adjust 3 or 4 temperature settings of your choice. Or you can turn it off when you don’t need it.

Heated seats

The features of this heated seat are one of the reasons people are abandoning manual bidets in favor of electric models. But the main reason is the following function.
Using this device in cold weather is different than using a warm water device. While you can still use non-electric hot water pipes, you will not feel the same convenience. In addition, the cost of running hot water piping to the manual bidet seat makes the cost of the entire installation very high.

You’re better off having an electric bidet seat that can provide both seat heating and warm water. Even inexpensive models under $200 can give you the best of both worlds.
Combined with the washing function, the warm water feature provides a spa-like experience. As with the seat warmer, you can change the water temperature from the control panel or remote control, usually with 3 preset temperature levels, from 90°F to 104°F. Unlike hot water pipes, hot water pipes take time to heat up and you can get instant heat.

In addition to the temperature, you can adjust the water pressure or water volume according to your preferences. Sometimes when you need an extra squirt to feel clean, you have it. Other times, when you have a condition like hemorrhoids, you may need a light spray.

Another obvious benefit of an electric bidet seat is the dehumidifier function. The latter stage is completely hands-free, so wiping it dry with paper is unnecessary. But not all bidets have this feature, especially cheaper models.
The change here is a combination of temperature and pressure control. Some models provide warm air with adjustable pressure, and some models allow you to choose a temperature with a fixed outlet pressure. The latter is the most common with the ability to select a temperature range from 90°F to 104°F.
While not a must-have feature, it’s great for when you’re caught with an empty roll. Yes, in an emergency situation, such as a power outage, it is still useful to have toilet paper with you.

The rated power of the bidet ranges from 300 watts to 1300 watts. The most common average wattage is between 900 watts and 1000 watts. But these are maximum wattages, and you will never be able to operate at these high power levels every minute of the day.
Even if the seat and water temperatures are set to the highest, use up to 80% of the highest rating. However, if the power-saving mode is not enabled, the power consumption is still high.
Every electric bidet seat should have this energy saving feature. More advanced models will have smart learning capabilities to control energy consumption. The economy mode usually uses a timer control to put the heater down for a few minutes after the last user.
But don’t worry, you won’t notice a difference in energy consumption. When you need to keep your seat warm during the day, you may see a slight improvement in cold weather. Just remember to turn on power saving mode to minimize power consumption.

For most users, this is a good feature. However, if the bathroom does not have proper ventilation, such as ventilation under the stairs or a windowless pantry, it becomes a necessity.
The built-in air deodorizer consists of a small fan unit that draws air through an activated charcoal filter to remove odors in the process. And because there is a small space inside the bowl enclosed by the breech, deodorization is very effective.

But the effectiveness of the charcoal filter will continue until saturation. During this time, it loses its ability to remove odors. Therefore, to keep your bathroom odor-free, you need to replace the filter about every 6 months. Also, the filter is usually a cartridge type, so it’s easy to replace and inexpensive.
Most bidet seat deodorizers don’t work all the time. You have to press a button, then the deodorant will work for a minute or two and then stop. You can reactivate it as needed with a side control panel or remote control.
Of course, there is also an automatic deodorant that is triggered automatically when you sit down on your bidet seat. When you sit on your seat, whether manually or automatically activated, you should be able to turn the air deodorant on or off.

This feature is the first thing most people see when they buy a bidet toilet. Or rather, someone who has owned a bidet now or before. They know that in the end it all comes of itself.

Medium and advanced level washes will be more subtle. But the two most common washing methods are shake wash and pulse wash. The former consists of moving the nozzle back and forth to clean more thoroughly. The latter is a characteristic of water pulsing, which achieves a massage effect due to the pulsing flow of water. Provides a gentler prewash for women and a wider spray angle.

However, as the competition intensifies, you can see new and improved washing features in the new bidet seat model. You’ll see things like inflatable flushes, enema flushes, turbo or swirl flushes, etc. D. These are all great features that are usually found in mid-range and advanced models. But they are not necessarily more expensive than those that provide shake and pulse flushes.
Some people think that newer cleaning methods, such as enema cleaning, are more effective and make them feel cleaner. They claim that the spiral spray has a massage effect and helps improve bowel emptying. This is a good idea, and it can come in handy for constipation.
Regardless of the characteristics of face wash products, they provide a decent level of cleanliness and hygiene. As for comfort, it is a matter of personal preference.

Electric bidet toilet seat, Electric bidet seat, Electric bidet toilet

Almost all electric bidet seats have a female wash feature.

But note the key word “almost.” This does not mean that the bidet does not have a female wash function, but it does mean how delicate the wash is.

Cheap models: usually describe the cleaning function as “front and back cleaning mode”. This sentence is not wrong. But if it doesn’t say anything about spray width, does that mean it will be the same spray pattern as after wash and prewash, just in different positions?
For women, the wide spray pattern is the best pre-wash mode. It’s gentle on the skin, covers a wider area, and can clean completely. So when choosing a toilet bidet seat, you may need to pay attention to this detail.

Medium- and high-end models: allow for better control of the pre-cleaning mode. You can usually choose between a regular sprayer and a wide-angle sprayer. Some models even have an adjustable spray width and more nozzle positions.
Another good feature is the convenience of using the toilet in the dark. Mostly suitable for mid- to high-end models.

You can flexibly turn the night light function on and off on the side control panel or remote control. Once on, the light will automatically activate the motion sensor or light sensor (depending on make and model). The latter will depend on the degree of darkness around you and will remain on until the light takes over.

Bidet lighting

Bidet lighting

Again, it depends on your preferences. Do you need lights on all night or only when you need to use an object? Usually these are LED lights, which consume very little power. As far as power consumption is concerned, the arrow hardly moves.

Its advantage is that when nature calls for an early morning emergency, you don’t have to fumble with a light switch in your sleep. They are bright enough that you can walk around in the bathroom in peace. When they suddenly turn on, the lights in the room won’t be blinding.

Starting at the intermediate level, you will use the remote control instead of the side control panel. The advantage of the remote control is the freedom and flexibility of controlling the bidet seat.
All models have a small side panel that provides the necessary cleaning controls in the front and back, but without any adjustments. This small additional control is a backup in case the remote control battery is low or misplaced.
The remote control is the center of all adjustments such as water and air temperature, pressure, deodorant on/off, etc. D. Some will even include multi-user settings, which is a common feature of advanced models.

wall control panel
manual control panel

Self-cleaning nozzle

Is the bidet seat hygienic?

When hygiene becomes your top priority when looking for a toilet bidet seat, this question will inevitably come to your mind. But how hygienic is it to sit in a tub?
If you have the budget for the perfect model that provides unprecedented cleanliness and hygiene, you can do whatever you want. Most high-quality bidet seats have this automatic sanitizing feature centered on the nozzle alone. Use different methods for self-cleaning and disinfecting the nozzles.

The two most common methods are the use of electrolyzed water and silver ions. The first has the same disinfecting effect as household bleach and the second can inhibit the growth or reproduction of bacteria. These two methods keep the nozzle clean and free of microorganisms with each cleaning.

self-cleaning nozzle

However, if that doesn’t meet your unprecedented standards of hygiene, there is an optional bowl disinfecting feature to keep the bowl disinfected throughout the day.

When no one is using the toilet, the Toto Washlet uses electrolyzed water to pre-spray the toilet bowl for an 8-hour cycle. This will keep the bowl and nozzle sterile, and you won’t have to lift a finger. You’ll find that you clean the bowl less frequently than before.
This feature is also rare in high-end models. The only two brands that seem to offer a machine with an open-and-close lid are Toto and Kohler (Novita).

Toto Washlet, Toto, Kohler Novita

In addition to convenience, raising and lowering the seat and cover is also a good hygiene feature. At least you don’t have to deal with people at home and lower the chair every time.
Controlled by a sensor, when you approach the toilet bowl, the lid opens and the seat is usually lifted by remote control. After you’re done and leave, after a few minutes or seconds, the lid (and seat) will close. The TOTO model even lets you choose when to close the seat and seat cover. You can also set it to open and close the lid automatically only; very suitable for single female users.

Although this feature has nothing to do with the characteristics of a bidet seat, it has two advantages. The first, of course, is aesthetic. Having spent a lot of money on finishing the bathroom and hiding all the wires and pipes, why make a blindfold over a water pipe or power cord, for example?
But hiding them completely is almost impossible. At best, these connections are more orderly so that the appearance is neater. After all, the water supply tap still needs to be closed, so you can’t hide it completely. Even for wall-mounted toilets next to the bidet seat requires an open shut-off valve.

If it’s not an entire wall-hung system with a bidet and toilet built into it, you can hide all the supply connections behind the wall. Gro-Cencia-Alena and Toto-New Rest Area-New Wash Shop are examples of such a system.

Another advantage is protection. With electricity and improper installation, there will be safety issues. While exposed cables when installing a bidet seat aren’t really dangerous, hiding them will eliminate all possibilities. Make the bidet seat safer for the little fiend who might be pampering himself while you’re busy.

wall-mounted toilet brondell

wall-mounted toilet

The more choices you have, the more fun you’ll have doing your laundry. That’s the advantage of a first-class bidet toilet seat. No one would give up the flexibility and freedom of choice. But the other side is more remote control touch buttons to get the cleaning you need. For technicians, this can be a turn-off because the controls require some direction and habit.

But for most users, there is virtually no learning curve that can be scaled. The remote control is usually labeled with text and clear icons. Most advanced models will have an LCD screen to help the remote control with various settings.

The two most common cleaning modes developed by TOTO are the rocking and pulsating cleaning modes. There should also be a wider and gentler female spray. These are all standard cleaning modes for high-end bidet seat models. Generally speaking, whatever name we give it comes down to two functions: cleaning and massage. Regardless of which cleaning mode you use, you can always adjust the temperature and water pressure as needed.

If you’re not picky about what you need after you take care of your body, some models have an easy-to-clean touch button and a factory-set spray mode. It will start the cleaning cycle without requiring you to do anything. This is very handy for the elderly who may use too many buttons on the remote control.

Or, if you prefer, you can use the custom settings to preset the desired cleaning. You can adjust the nozzle position, water temperature, pressure and spray pattern to your liking. Once set, all you have to do is press the user button to allow the bidet to complete the cleaning cycle of your choice. There are usually two user presets. So, all in all, you’ll have three preset buttons for a quick dial from which you can choose.

This feature may not be the most important, but if you want to save energy or enjoy a longer, continuous wash, you should know the difference between the two. The concept is very similar to a water heater, whether it is a storage tank or a flow heater without a water tank. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide which is more suitable for you and your family. Just like you choose the type of water heater for your home (including price considerations).

Some bidet seats use a small water tank in which the water is preheated and stays warm. Of course, the advantage of this method is that as long as there is water in the tank, you can get warm water instantly. The disadvantage is that when the water runs out and you haven’t finished washing, you’ll start getting cold water.
Typically, the water tank can hold 30 to 45 seconds of water at a time. This volume of water is often enough to get through, even if there is a bit of a long wash. After that, it may take three to five minutes to reuse the water. Consequently, the water will be cold or slightly warm during this time. This is not bad considering the interval between normal use.

Brondel toilet


If you have a power saving mode, the initial spray may not be warm enough. This is to be expected because the power supply was turned off when no one was using the power supply. But the water will not be cold, it takes about 2-3 seconds to restore warm water.
It is easy to tell by the appearance of the high back if the bidet seat is of the water tank type. The extra height is designed to accommodate the reservoir and pump in the seat. Under normal conditions, its height is about 6 inches, which is twice the height of the tankless type. The obvious advantage of such a bidet seat is that the built-in pump creates higher water pressure.
If you can’t believe the high back is a tank-style bidet seat, the most reliable gift is the lower power rating. The maximum wattage rating of all bidets with a tank is about 600 watts, and the maximum wattage rating of bidets without a tank is between 11,000 watts and 1,400 watts. Is this similar to the water heater mentioned earlier?

Of course, the disadvantage is that as long as the heater is on, energy will continue to be consumed. That’s why this type of bidet seat can never opt for energy saving features.

If you like the elegant look and feel of a bidet seat without a water tank, you’ll also love the constant warm water it provides. Using a reliable ceramic heating system, the water can be heated in seconds and it will continue to provide warm water as long as the heating mode is on.
The principle of operation is simple. In order to provide instant warm water, the water heater must generate a large amount of heat quickly and maintain a high temperature. To do this, the power of the ceramic heater is at least 1000 watts, and the ceramic heater will heat the water flowing through the heating element. The heating process is almost instantaneous, resulting in a dramatic increase in water temperature.

Brandel seat heating system with ceramic core
It looks like it uses a lot of energy, but it’s actually more energy efficient than a bidet-style bidet. That’s because it only runs when you need it, so you don’t have to turn it on all the time. You can do the math between a 500-watt heater running all day and a 1200-watt blast for 30 seconds. The thing makes perfect sense.



The advantage of this bidet is that you don’t have to wait a few minutes for the water to heat up, and you can enjoy an unlimited supply of warm water. The water temperature will stay at the level you choose until you’re done washing, no matter how long it takes.
But even though it’s what’s called instant heat, you can still get unheated water to start cleaning. For most people, it’s not a problem, because a 1-2 second cold will quickly meet a steady stream of warm water.

These cisternless bidet seats are usually advertised as “instant water heating,” “continuous wash,” “slim design,” or simply “ceramic heating system.” If you see a phrase like that on a feature list, you’ll know you’re looking at a no-panty bidet. But don’t rely on the hype, the giveaway is always nominal. So be sure to read the instructions before you make your decision.
The downside is that it provides lower water pressure because it does not have a pump to increase spray power. Nevertheless, the pressure for cleanliness and comfort is still very good. For the price, these tankless bidet seats are more expensive than the bidet seats.

Not only does it have the characteristics of a water tank, but it also has the characteristics of an instant heating system using ceramic heating elements. You can imagine the benefits of this. The first advantage is that, like a tank system, it has a pump. Thus, the water pressure will not deteriorate. Because it uses ceramic heaters, you can heat the water instantly. But, of course, it will also have the same high power as the tankless model.
The hybrid system uses a small water tank to store warm water ready to serve you. Thus, when the water comes out of the tank, new water is filled and heated immediately. This process will continue until you have finished washing. Thus, you don’t even have to endure cold water for one second during the entire cleaning process.

Of course, don’t worry about running out of hot water. You can spray continuously for 5, 10-15 minutes and you can still get warm water. As with a bidet without a water tank, the heating is on-demand, so when you’re not using the bidet, the heater uses no energy. The only drawback is that it is the most expensive of the 3 heating systems.

The bidet comes in two sizes, or more precisely the shape matches your toilet bowl. So, the next step is to check whether your toilet bowl is long or round. There is an easy way to check this. The picture below shows a typical size range for extended and round toilets.

Regardless of which size you choose from the tub, check to see if they match the size range of the bowl. You will find it in either an elongated or round bowl. Choose the right bowl shape to choose the right bidet seat.

Likewise, don’t assume that the shape of the bowl has visual clues. A clearly round bowl can have the same length as an elongated bowl. Especially with a round front. In that case, you will have to choose an elongated bidet seat model. Always be guided by the actual size of the toilet bowl to determine which bidet to choose: an elongated or round.
Different brands have slightly different bowl sizes. To be safe, use the specifications of the respective manufacturers to determine the correct size and shape of the bidet seat. For example, if you are planning to buy a Brondell bidet, it only makes sense to use Brondell’s measurements. Every bidet manufacturer should get this information online. Or at least they should be able to give you advice over the phone when asked for it.

Usually a gap of 1-1 / 2 to 2 inches is sufficient. But if any questions arise, be sure to check with the manufacturer as soon as possible.
For most two-piece toilets, minimal clearance is not an issue. But if you have a one-piece toilet, you need to pay attention to how the water tank connects to the toilet. If the water tank is shaped like a French curve connected to the bowl, like a Kohler-Saint Raphael toilet, it can be difficult to find a bidet to fit on it. In any case, the minimum clearance should only be on the plane. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll know everything.

The most important thing is to pay attention to the location of the outlet.

A simple rule of thumb is to place the flush port away from any source of water, such as a water valve. If the toilet is nearby, stay away from the toilet table. Remember, you can’t mix electricity and water.
But this is not always possible, especially when the toilet is between the toilet table and the bathtub. In this case, you can use a socket protector. This will prevent water from getting on the drain (and curious children). For added safety, be sure to use an outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Once you have an electrical outlet, everything else will go down the drain. Just follow the installation instructions or watch the manufacturer’s video and you won’t go wrong.
While an electric seat provides a number of features that a non-electric bidet seat cannot, it does have some drawbacks. Aside from the higher cost, the most obvious one is the energy demand. Once the power goes out, it will turn into a regular toilet seat.
In terms of installation, it is more complicated because you will need to install a bidet seat with an outlet. This increases the overall cost and safety risks. Any electrical device located near a water source must take extra safety measures. If you are strict about safety, it can cost a lot of money to implement these measures.

Energy consumption will inevitably result in higher operating costs. Especially during the cold season, when you use more heating functions.

These are the disadvantages inherent in the electric bidet. But its benefits go beyond simply making up for lost ground.
In addition to the necessary checks on the shape and size of the owl, some steps are easy to overlook and forget. For example, a manual or catalog may say it applies to all two-piece toilets. They’re not wrong, but it would be better if they added a precautionary statement to remind users that special care may be needed when installing two-piece toilets.
Some baseboard toilets need to be shrunk before they can be installed in place. This is because once the toilet is secured to the floor, the mounting nut will be hidden. So getting in touch with the walnut is a big problem. In some cases, you may even have to remove the toilet bowl to get in. So, if you have a toilet bowl, be sure to check for this potential problem. In this case, some bidet seats are equipped with special anchor bolts.

Someone already discussed the monobloc toilet, it has a French bend connected to the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, most bidet seats are not suitable for these toilets. There should always be enough space for the bidet to sit on top of the sink, otherwise it can rip or break at any time.

The location of the power outlet should not exceed the distance from the power cord. The length of the cord is usually about 3 feet or 1 meter. The best distance is 1-2 feet from the center of the toilet bowl. And choose a side, it is safe to spray from the nearest toilet table or showerhead.
Last but not least, drinking water should be used for all types of laundry. If you use rainwater or raw water to flush the toilet, run a separate pipe for clean water for the bidet. This advice seems like common sense, but it is not suitable for those who are reckless.

This does not necessarily mean that inexpensive bidet models are inferior to mid-priced models. Likewise, an expensive high-end model may not have all the features of an intermediate bidet model. Different manufacturers price their products differently according to their competitive strategies. From a practical standpoint, look at how these features best meet your needs and compare them to the price.

It all depends on the design of your bathroom. Especially if your bathroom is small and there is no glass door or partition between the shower and the toilet, then you can’t choose a non-electric bidet. Or, if you live in a state with an average annual temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, like Florida or Hawaii, do you need a heated seat and warm water to clean it?

So, it’s mostly to meet your needs, not to afford it. Even if money is an issue, a simple bidet nozzle costs less than $50 to be cleaner than toilet paper.
Also, manual seats do offer some tremendous benefits that electric modes can’t provide. Just as there is no need for an outlet, there are no safety issues and no recurring costs due to electricity use. From a broader (or broadest) perspective, you are helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Environmentalists will love you to the moon and back.

They are also inexpensive, easy to install, and thinner (not unlike regular toilet seats). You can get a quicker return on the toilet paper you save. They also have a longer lifespan because no electrical or electronic components fail over time.

When you know what features you need and a budget that fits your type, you don’t need to feel pressure to buy a bidet seat. Therefore, it is always advisable to check these features first, which will help to adjust or shape your expectations.
Don’t lose sleep over which heating system to settle on. Because, after all, these small drawbacks of water heaters have little to no effect on comfort or performance. You may see a slight increase in your water bill in the winter, tank type or not. It all depends on how you use the energy-saving mode and the usage mode.

Be sure to check the size and shape of the bowl before buying your desired bidet. Also, if you have a plinth-type toilet, refer to the installation manual. If you have a monobloc toilet with a French curve, be especially careful. Don’t be upset when someone who washes your buttocks comes in and finds that you can’t use it.

Whether it’s a top-of-the-line model or just an accessory, you’ll love the difference it makes. The feeling of freshness and cleanliness is priceless, and a more hygienic bathroom can keep everyone in the house safe. Using less paper means toilets and drains are less likely to be blocked.

You don’t need a reason to buy a toilet seat for a bidet. No matter how skeptical you are, you can always experiment with a bidet nozzle or non-drive seat. They’re not much more expensive than regular toilets. So maybe when it’s time to change, try these inexpensive cleaners.

Who knew you could get an expensive electric toilet bidet in the future.

The choice is yours!


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