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Toto Neorest NX vs Toto Neorest NX2

The TOTO NEOREST NX toilet is the new addition to the NEOREST series of intelligent toilets. This is because the new Neorest NX is more than just a pretty face, its Neorest functions are the same as all its predecessors.

Although it looks like a breath of fresh air, it has many new and improved features that will scare off all its competitors.
So if you’re planning to make repairs or just replace your existing toilet and are pondering on which Toto smart toilet. Of course, that’s assuming you have a very flexible budget.

So you can decide if it’s worth the wait, let’s start the chase and see what this new Toto Neorest NX is made of and how much damage it does to your wallet.
As the Neorest’s flagship model, the Neorest NX is destined to be the next-generation toilet that Toto makes for the world. The complete integration of the washbasin and toilet as one unit is a further development of the overall concept.

Toto said they successfully developed a flush toilet, or rather a smart toilet, in which the toilet bowl, flush system and functional components of the toilet are enclosed in a ceramic element.

Well at least in appearance the wash function is well integrated into the circumference of the bowl. When the bowl is closed, you will see not only the bowl, but also the lid next to the ceramic.

Overall, this Neorest NX toilet is like a work of art that will match or coordinate all spaces from modern to classic. This opulent beauty, especially in a bathroom design full of squares and corners, is a sharp contrast and provides the perfect balance.
The elegant curve depicts the beauty of ceramic. This future-proven integrated design allows for more ceramic surfaces and fewer lines or gaps. This can only mean fewer ways to hide and breed dirt, grime and bacteria. Cleaning the exterior surface is now easier than ever before.

Toto Neorest NX

So it’s a huge improvement on his appearance.

What is the flushing efficiency, water consumption and cleaning function?

So this Neorest NX model is no exception.

Features such as sewer, Actilight and Premist are features of the latest Toto Neorest toilets.

The base of the seat with a curved contour of the entire upper part of the bowl provides better stability than a flat bowl surface. The universal seat height (comfort height) provides better accessibility and greater comfort for the elderly or people with limited mobility. (Note: The original Japanese Neorest NX does not have a comfort height.)

Oh, that big 18-7 / 16 inch wide seat will support your hips well. Think sofas and stools … you get the idea.
Unlike all previous Neorest models, the Neorest NX has found a new frameless bowl that eliminates all the dust that can stick to it.

As you can see in the picture, the previous rim design protects very well against dust, mildew and anything else that can survive a tornado, easily wiped away. But it’s still not perfect because dirt can accumulate under the edge again avoiding visual inspection.

This vertical-edged design is a “side effect” of the updated tornado wash system, eliminating the possibility of water splashing from the front.

To understand how the new tornado gets its energy and why it is more powerful than before, you need to understand the design details. (Don’t worry, you won’t swallow some weird symbols and nonsensical mathematical equations.)
This is a picture of how differently a tornado has unfolded.

Tornado effects


Immediately you may feel cheated, and your intelligence may be seriously affected. You have to curse “that beep. It’s just the sprinkler switch from left to right. What is the big beep? “
Hey, calm down. Read on, and you’ll see why it’s a big problem.
Did you notice that the direction of water flow is the same? So obviously it’s stupid to just change the spout from left to right and call it a new tornado flush.
But the Japanese are not stupid. They don’t think all customers are brain-dead zombies. They will buy anything they produce. So to make the explanation reasonable and easy to understand, let’s take the example of waves hitting the shore.

As you can see, as the waves push back from where they started, the waves on shore become weaker and weaker. Common sense will tell you that the waves are losing momentum. Therefore, it gets weaker as you move toward the coast. Thus, distance is related to the velocity of the water flow.
Hence, the theory-the farther it flows, the weaker it is.

The same theory applies to the actual flushing of a TOTO toilet with a tornado. It is a science that cannot be denied. So, if you look at the picture above, you will find that it is a very silly design.
If you think so, it’s not your fault. That’s because, like everyone else, you assume that the location of the water source hasn’t changed.

The magic lies in the renewed watercourse or watercourse at the edge.
Now, looking at the image above, the red arrow represents the water flow. There is a long distance from the water source to the most difficult area to clean. Obviously, when the power of the wash reaches the back of the bowl, it is not the strongest.
The length of the “blue” water jet is almost half its length, and it should provide the most flushing power in the most difficult areas to clean.

Certainly the TOTO engineers have done a lot of research on the rotary part. They have to have test data to prove that it really is the best tornado flush before they even put it into production.

In addition, note that no company or business will spend money on research and development, but only on producing products that are different or comparable to existing products. It has to be better than that.

In addition, the new water duct is more complicated than the previous design, and the cost of manufacturing is also higher. Therefore, from a commercial point of view, it makes no sense to produce a more expensive product with no legitimate benefit.
What’s more, thanks to TOTO’s patented high-precision fluid analysis technology, error is reduced to zero. So relax, this Toto New Breath NX toilet should flush the tornado better.

Now that you understand the logic of the new tornado flush design, it will be easier for you to understand the benefits of the extra flush.
Because the water jet is closer and closer to the back of the tank, it will get the first tornado wave, which is the strongest. As the water moves forward, it weakens and spins downward. Thus, there is no risk of water splashing out of the front bowl. So a vertical or non-curved edge has an advantage over what you read earlier.

Fight bacteria

Actilight is Toto’s sterilization weapon used to fight bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that are unlikely to survive a tornado. It’s not a chemical, but TOTO has developed ultraviolet technology for the Neorest series of premium smart toilets.



So how does Actilight work? Please be brief. The tornado theory almost killed me.

The three elements include a special zirconia coating on the titanium dioxide bowl, electrolyzed water, and a light that works in concert throughout the bowl disinfection process.

After rinsing for about 2 minutes, the self-disinfection begins by spraying a fine water mist (electrolyzed water) onto the surface of the zirconium-coated bowl. This water film then reacts with ultraviolet light to form active oxygen, which decomposes all living microorganisms in the bowl.
The entire photocatalytic process is automatic and will continue until the ultraviolet light is turned off. After 10 hours it will happen again if no one uses the toilet.

Don’t forget, remember: the self-cleaning process is just a simple combination of light, water and oxygen that kills the bacteria in the bowl.


And it’s all automatic. The TOTO NEOREST NX2 toilet takes care of everything else and provides a clean, bacteria-free bowl for your next urinal session. Bacteria-free means no odor in the toilet.


The price of a flush toilet like this is very high compared to the Neorest NX toilet. But when you do your first bidet flush, nothing else matters.
You just can’t help but love the creativity of a bidet master using a sprinkler. They are so talented. And Toto’s competitors just hate the fact that she can keep coming up with better washing methods.

Although this magic wave cleaning is not new, you may or may not have heard of it, but it really is the perfect cleaning feature. You’ll love it.
No, I’ve never heard of air in magic waves. Please be enlightened.
In addition to the usual pulsation and oscillation cleaning, you will find that this mode is more suitable for the delicate skin around the anus after washing.

The air in the Wonder Wave Wash works by continuously spraying water droplets (approximately 100 droplets per second) from the nozzle at different water flow rates.
The slow and fast alternating flow combines the high-speed water droplets with the slow water droplets in front. During the merging process, air is trapped, forming 30 percent of the large droplets.
According to TOTO, the air in the Wonder Wave Wash uses less water for a better wash.

Well, it’s not always easy to describe the experience in words. Especially for someone who only the new owner can relate to or understand. So, imagine that when the water touches your skin, there is an “explosion” more contact with water, and then another explosion.

Remember, very few people are fortunate enough to experience such a comfortable ass-washing. So, as a few privileged people, please be humble and keep a low profile.

Did you just ask the price of the Toto Neorest NX toilet?

What’s the price Toto Neorest NX toilet

On Toto’s official website, the Neorest NX2 is priced at $12,800 and the Neorest NX1 is priced at $9,800.

Hey, come back.

As for the NX2, the price is expected to be double the retail price of the NX1 at dealers.
Toto Neorest NX toilet The Neorest NX1 and Neorest NX2 have similar features, except for the light performance and bowl coverage.

Can be activated and controlled by remote control. Machine learning function. The system learns the usage pattern of the toilet and automatically turns off to save energy. The seat is designed to keep warm to reduce energy consumption.
Seriously, you don’t need to be a skilled craftsman or worker to install a Neorest NX toilet. But it does help make installation easier.

Like all Neorest toilets, this NX garbage can features a universal receptacle and an adapter to connect the bowl to the floor flange. If you’ve installed a toilet bowl before, you know it’s easy.

In addition, a template is provided to help you drill holes to install and align the toilet. If you are good with an electric drill and tape measure, this part of the installation will be an easy task.
As usual, you must prepare water and electricity for this Neorest. If you know the correct piping, wiring and connections, you can try to do the entire installation yourself.
Otherwise, please hire a professional. Especially for wiring, safety is more important than saving money.
In any case, you can refer to the installation manual to install it correctly.

By the way, the Toto user manual is always in order, with extremely detailed picture descriptions. You don’t have to rely on your imagination. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to trust the professionals to replace the parts because it’s all plumbing fixtures. For example, this Neorest NX seat and washbasin.

Although Toto has a reputation for reliable products, no part can last forever. There are some sensitive electronic products, their service life and moving parts, such as the drive mechanism, the control rod and the automatic seat cover. These will wear out over time.
No plumber or home consultant could fix this fragile Japanese junk. You need TOTO or its authorized distributors to repair and replace the parts.

Obtaining genuine TOTO parts is also not an option because there are no third-party equivalent parts. In addition to costly parts, replacement can include shipping and labor costs.

One wonders how many people will get the Neorest NX smart toilet from its appearance. Fortunately, the company has a high reputation for quality and toilet technology. So even though this Toto Neorest NX toilet may impress you with its looks alone, your investment is safe.
How can you not be surprised to find that putting a washbasin in your sink is great.
As usual, Toto offers new and better things with each new toilet. The upgraded Tornado flush bowl and frameless bowl will certainly encourage competitors to come up with something similar or similar, but it’s often hard to beat.

You may be wondering if the NX1 is enough to meet your high hygiene standards, or if the NX2 is a must-have product.

Yes, the NX1 only has water, which is an effective disinfectant, enough to keep the toilet bowl sterile. Not only can it clean the bowl and nozzle immediately after rinsing. The nozzle and rear mist (with water spray) are automatically disinfected after a period of non-use to keep them disinfected.

But of course, if you have deeper pockets, the NX2 has better hygienic performance than the Neorest NX1. Except for water, no living microorganisms can pass through the active and superhydrophilic zirconia coating of the bowl.

As far as laundry goes, you only have to try it to get a feel for the TOTO Neorest experience.


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