How to use NOMO, NOMO the mortal enemy of the stinky toilet


NOMO toilet, Air NOMO

NOMO’s heavy-duty motor sucks up 10 cubic feet of bathroom odor per minute and filters it through a natural charcoal filter to return odor and chemical-free air to your cozy bathroom.

The smell of NOMO? There are no spelling errors here. You may or may not have heard of it. But when you don’t have NOMO installed, you can definitely smell that smell. Yes, the smell of its the toilet is a real pain in the back, or rather in the nose. For a long time there was no real solution to this problem.
But not anymore. Now you can safely say that you have a solution to eliminate toilet bowl odor. Today, you can solve this problem by ordering The Nomo non-contact air purifier for your toilet. Highly recommended if you’re very serious about getting rid of the stench from the rags.
So what does The Nomo smell like? How does it work? Let’s take a look at the bottom of this lifeline.

Unlike deodorants, which use chemicals to mask odors, this effect is temporary. But Nomo uses an activated charcoal filter to remove the odor coming from your feces, which is impossible.

Yes, there’s no rocket science here, it’s common sense, activated charcoal is actually charcoal, or activated carbon, if you will. It’s like half an empty charcoal left over from last year. You can put them in open bowls or perforated plastic bags and put them in refrigerators, shoe closets and drawers to remove odors.

Activated charcoal filter

NOMO’s heavy-duty motor

The principle is the same, but the Nomo activated charcoal filter is designed specifically to remove odors, and the efficiency is many times greater. And it is longer than the bag of charcoal you put in the refrigerator, much longer than you think.
To answer this question, you need to understand what activated charcoal is and how it works.
Activated charcoal is charcoal treated with oxygen, which makes it extremely porous. The height of the micropores increases the surface area and greatly improves the adsorption capacity.

You can imagine a piece of charcoal consisting of a super-complex network of pores in the form of angles, gaps, and crevices between the carbon layers.
When you add up the surface area of each pore, you would never believe the total surface area. Just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area of more than 1,000 square meters (or 11,000 square feet). More than twice the size of two NBA basketball courts. The Nomo filter contains a large amount of activated carbon, 240 grams. You do the math.

carbon layers

So, what is the relationship between surface area and adsorption or, in this case, odor removal?

In other words, activated carbon is like a magnet, attracting odor molecules to its surface. Consequently, the larger the surface area, the better the irritating gases are removed from the air.
Each Nomo activated carbon filter has the highest porosity. The 240 g weight has sufficient adsorption capacity and can be retained for long periods of time. To extend the life of the Nomo and even provide a lifetime warranty on its filters, any necessary replacements will be provided free of charge.
But of course, with only activated charcoal, the odor adsorption efficiency is just as good as the multiple charcoals you put in the box. The air doesn’t flow; the semi-coke is like a passive trap, waiting for the gas molecules to fly into the pores.

Activated charcoal tablets

However, the principle of operation of the Nomo odor remover is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner. It has an exhaust fan that can be activated by a button or proximity sensor. It breathes air into the bowl and directs the air through the charcoal filter. The charcoal filter absorbs all the stinky gases and releases only clean, odorless air back into the environment. The smell is gone almost immediately.

Don’t worry about suction. It is strong enough to draw in air and too weak to draw in feces or urine.

Because the bowl is a small enclosed space at the bottom, you can easily remove 100% of the gas from the tank. That way, when you flush the toilet with this Nomo air purification system, the smelly toilet will be gone.

The design of the Nomo is very simple. It consists of a fan unit, which is a square charcoal filter.
The power supply that makes up the base is then attached to the fan unit. A rechargeable battery pack, motion sensor, power button and other controls make up the power unit.

Finally, the removable one-piece flat nozzle includes an inlet pipe connected to the fan unit and a bracket mounted on the toilet.
The whole building and the guaranteed weight will make you believe in the quality of its construction. These are not those cheap, thin, plastic air purifiers you bought for $19. The charcoal filter alone is a thick cylindrical unit, and a quality air purifier is crucial.

Installing the Nomo is very easy. If you have changed the toilet seat before, this time will not exceed 5 minutes. All you have to do is remove the toilet seat, install the Nomo inlet on the toilet bowl, align the mounting holes, and then install the toilet seat over the inlet. That’s it. You won’t even need the instruction manual, although it comes with it.

Installation Nomo

The Nomo toilet bowl deodorant performs a very good and meaningful function. They must have spent a significant amount of time making sure that the Nomo not only works 100%, but is also easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. You need to charge the battery at least every 30-50 days, and that’s all you need.

The Nomo air purifier is the perfect solution for eliminating toilet odor. But there are a few areas that can be improved to improve user interaction. They may be trivial, but they are worth mentioning. I hope you see these improvements in future models.

The first is a fixed 2-minute period for each activation. Regardless of whether it is activated by the proximity sensor or the power button, the device will remain activated for 2 minutes. Consequently, if you want the NOMO to continue to work, you must reactivate it in either mode.

If it is possible to override the 2-minute cycle and let it run as long as you want, that would be ideal. Of course, on the other hand, you have to be careful to shut it down. So if there is a way to shut it down automatically, that would be a good advantage.

A wider variety of colors will go well with the color of your bathroom and even its decorations. Although white is a common color for bathrooms, a darker white looks odd. The white dirt is too obvious to ignore.
How about adding a scent to the cleaned air? Wonderful!

The Nomo can be installed in almost any standard toilet bowl. However, it is highly recommended that the Nomo be installed in poorly ventilated areas. For example, a toilet under a staircase, a dressing room or a toilet stall in a windowless hallway.

You may have thought about adding a toilet to these places, but you were worried about the smell. Well, now you can get over your thoughts with Nomo. If you live in an apartment with a small bathroom, Nomo deodorant is unlikely to work for you.

So, you have it. No more bathroom odor.

Now you have a real solution to getting rid of the stench you try to eliminate every time you find yourself in second place.
This simple invention is another classic cliché: “The best idea is always the simplest. A simple common sense innovation makes you wonder where NOMO was 20 years ago. Anyone can hide an idea, but only those who take action can implement it and benefit from it.

But that doesn’t mean Nomo is the only remedy for removing odors from toilets. You may have already tried other similar remedies and not gotten the results you wanted. Or they won’t last long because they’re made from substandard materials, so the company can support your repeat purchases.

Regardless of your experience, you should try Nomo. It may cost a little more. Because of the high quality materials used in it, it can also save you money and nerves due to frequent material changes. The lifetime warranty on the charcoal filter should not only make up for your past troubles.

But more importantly, starting today, you can use Nomo to really get rid of bad odor in the toilet.


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