What are the tallest Kohler toilets, What are the tallest ADA toilets


ADA toilet

The ADA compliant toilet has a seat height of 17 to 19 inches. This is the height range from the floor to the top of the toilet seat.

If you’ve been looking for a toilet with a full height of 19 inches, you’ll find all the comfortable height, or ADA toilets are only 17 inches high.
But what about the other two inches?
You need to use a special toilet seat to compensate for the extra height, like in the TV show. Of course, you don’t like the idea of using a toilet extension. But what choice do you have?

After a few years working with the Aid Living community, you will develop an instinct to improve the lives of the people you care for. It all started when Eddie, founder of Convenient Height, realized that it would provide better sanitation equipment for seniors. This would provide real comfort and safety for seniors and caregivers and allow for better care for their wards.

Eddie worked as a manager in a separate nursing home for ten years. When all he needed was a toilet high enough to ease the pain and discomfort of the elderly using those facilities, he was very disappointed. Like you, he quickly realized that the so-called ADA-compliant toilet was only an inch taller than a regular trash can.
Of course, he asked the same question, too. He even contacted suppliers and manufacturers, hoping to get what he needed. As you might expect, nothing happened.

So, he was not satisfied with what he saw, he decided to build one himself. After all the research, trial and error, he quickly found a prototype, which he aptly called a toilet bowl of comfortable height. Since then, they said, the rest is history. Thus was the Comfortable Height Company born.

Kohler K-6669-0

If you are about 5’10” (178cm) tall, the toilet seat on this comfort height toilet is about an inch below your knee. Without straining your hip muscles, it will be easy for you to get in and out of the seat.

At this height, your calf should be at a right angle (90 degrees) to your thigh. But to improve bowel emptying, doctors recommend that this angle be less than 90 degrees. Of course, the best posture is the squat. But let’s talk about that another day, maybe not, because setting up squat toilets is an issue here. So, if your height is 5 feet 8 inches(173cm), 5 feet 10 inches(178cm), or even 6 feet(183cm), a regular comfortable crawler will work for you. A toilet with no ADA or comfortable height above 6 feet(183cm) will provide you with any comfort. Unless you want to use a tall toilet seat to compensate for lost height. Other alternatives might require the installation of an elevated platform. That would be ugly and expensive.

Convenient height toilets or model toilets are for all you tall supers. More importantly, older people find standard-height or comfort-height toilets a problem.

Siphon toilet VS Direct flush toilet

The main feature of this comfortable height toilet is, of course, the 20-inch toilet bowl. But that’s not the only advantage of a tall toilet bowl. To account for the extra bowl height, some changes must be made to the bowl design. And these changes have been carefully considered, so they won’t affect performance and can even be easily replaced.

In fact, it offers more advantages than a standard or comfortable height toilet.
Tall and skinny. When you see a picture of this extra-tall toilet bowl, you might get that impression. Since its bowl is an astounding 20 inches tall, does that mean the length (front and back) will be longer than a normal-sized toilet?
Surprisingly, the total length of this comfort height toilet bowl is a good 27 inches, measured from the back wall to the front of the toilet. If you subtract the gap between the tank wall and the back of the tank, its length is less than 27 inches.

What does that tell you? It’s even shorter than a normal toilet of comfortable height. Anything longer than 28 inches is considered a small toilet. If you want, a compact tall toilet bowl, which only means that if you have a very small bathroom, you may have more leg room.
The width of the bowl is 14-1/2 inches, which is the same as a standard sized bowl. This only means that you can easily find a replacement seat.

So now you have a very tall, very thin toilet bowl and a decent length, which gives more room for body movements. This space-saving feature is especially useful for the elderly and easy to use. If you’re redecorating your small bathroom, you’ll love how easy it is to fit into the layout and aesthetics.
When you significantly increase the height of the bowl and keep it only 27 inches long, you will inevitably change the structure of the bowl. The detail that the tall bowl affects is trapezoidal in shape. Now, unlike the usual S-shape, the Trapway looks more like a “P.”

This P-shaped trap is a significant advantage, and you will see how it can help improve flushing ability. If you compare the traditional S-shaped chute with two bends (pictured below), there is only one chute for this extra-high toilet.



During the flushing process, when the water fills the drain chute and flows over the weir, the siphon effect begins. There is no resistance to the downward flow because there is no second bend slowing down the flow. Wastewater flows directly into the downpipe. The steep slope helps accelerate the water flow, so it creates a steady suction that sucks up whatever is in the bowl.

The trapezoidal design of this handy tall toilet makes the siphon more efficient and powerful. This directly translates into a powerful flush with whatever flushing mechanism you use. At the same time, it also provides another advantage of significantly reducing or eliminating clogging. It can be washed every time.

As you can see from the picture above, the toilet bowl of standard height with an S-shaped drainage channel has a second bend, which causes the water flow rate to drop. Even worse, once the pipe is bent, the drain is flattened, further weakening the strength of the siphon. Clogging is most serious when the flush system does not work smoothly. Double flush lever.

Kohler toilet

Comfort Height (17″ – 19″) Toilets – Kohler

Unlike the flush button, the stroke control lever provides some advantages, such as a flat-top fuel tank lid. This way you can place necessary or decorative items on the fuel tank lid. Or you can build a shelf on top of the water tank. At any rate, there’s no accessibility problem here. Again, it’s a good design decision, and it shows real attention to the small bathroom that is important for every inch of space.

You may be wondering if the purchase of this S-high toilet includes a toilet seat. This is an obvious question because most well-known toilet bowl brands require that you buy the seat separately.
So for this 20-inch toilet seat model, the answer is yes. Your purchase will include a slow-closing seat.

Don’t worry, this is not the cheap seat that you are offered by the big brand toilet manufacturers. The seat of this S-shaped toilet bowl with slow or smooth closing is of good quality. It is sturdy and easy to disassemble and clean. Slow closing means no slamming or finger injuries.
With the exception of the 20-inch height, there’s not much to pay attention to when installing it. With a standard 12-inch rough-in, any qualified plumber can install this convenient high-rise toilet within an hour. If this is a replacement job, it should include the removal of the old toilet.

Like all two-piece toilets and open trapezoidal toilets, you need to clean regularly to keep these hidden areas free of dust, mold and mildew. Especially in the part where the bottom of the sink is in contact with the sink. To thoroughly clean the hidden area, you need to remove the fuel tank.

The advantage of this extra-high toilet is that you don’t have to bend too much to reach where the water tank connects to the toilet bowl during the cleaning procedure.
But the same can’t be said for the bottom of the bowl; conventional cleaning is a pain. Especially below the bowl nozzle, where the sink is located, trapezoidal protrusions and recesses. Too many surfaces to clean.

Kohler vs ADA

Well, that’s part of the two-piece toilet and open trapezoidal packaging.
Another drawback, at least for now, is the lack of a round bowl. Currently, this convenient height toilet is a toilet bowl with a thin bowl that fits most users.
The round bowl can easily be scraped down from 2 inches long, reducing the overall length to 25 inches. This would be the world’s only compact and extra tall toilet bowl.

You can order this extra tall toilet directly from the company if you want to contact the manufacturer directly. Or you may prefer to buy from a regular online store, where you can make several other purchases at the same time.

Finally, the 21-inch-high toilet is the real deal. From those who understand the pain and inconvenience of people who need more than the hyped ADA toilets, you now have a better toilet experience.
While this 20-inch toilet is designed to ease the discomfort of the elderly, in many cases it can be a useful fixture in the bathroom. It’s a godsend, especially when mobility is an issue or if you’re six feet tall.

Through research and thought about small space installation, water savings and laundry efficiency, the overall design was developed. The biggest benefit is the personal contact with the humble entrepreneur, you will not experience the cold and formulaic customer service provided by MegaCorp.

It’s a small investment worth considering in the long run. Don’t forget that as you get older, your knees also get older.


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