How to decorate your bathroom with plants, Healing and comfort in the bathroom


Let’s decorate the bathroom with more plants! Deciduous plants with an outstanding interior design create a more relaxing bathroom. This time, we’ll introduce you to the types of plants that are easy to grow in the bathroom and their matching points. Let’s enjoy a more fulfilling bathing experience in a botanical interior!

What’s the best plant for the bathroom

The best bath plants are those that grow well even in humid environments with little sunlight in the bathroom. Pearl filaments, which grow like crawling stems, deerhorn ferns, which are resistant to high temperatures and humidity, and oryzururan, which is easy to grow even for beginners, are the best foliage plants for botanical interiors.

Decorative plants in the bathroom accentuate the space

House plants in the bathroom can be arranged in different kinds and sizes for a more fashionable botanical interior. For example, monstera, which prefers a humid environment, has relatively large leaves and the shape of the leaves is also heart-shaped. For sansevitria with sharp leaves and ivy plants, choose a small size and hang to decorate the bathroom.

Decorate the toilet in green to add a sense of delight

If you decorate the toilet with deciduous plants, you can create a sense of cleanliness with a green effect. It is good to decorate the washroom with a small pot, but if it is large, it will create the impression of a botanical garden. If you want to attract good luck to the toilet according to feng shui, it is recommended to put a deciduous plant with sharp leaves, which dispels bad luck.

Jungle atmosphere with large pterophytes

Here is a large pterophytia, boldly displayed in the bathroom. Pterophytia plants with impressively refreshing and cool leaves prefer high temperatures and humidity, but they also do not tolerate them well. This variety is easy to grow even in a low-light bathroom. The refreshing bright green contrast looks great in a white bathroom.

Create a green spot near the window

If you want to create a spectacular botanical bathroom, arrange small plants in one place to create a green nook. Even if the plant is small, it’s eye-catching just by placing it in one spot. Here, green patches on the windowsill change the height of the vines hanging from above, creating a more dramatic accent.

Even with candles and lights

Here’s a refreshing little monster decoration next to the bathtub. Bath candles and LED lights that can be placed in the bathroom are effective not only for practical use as lighting, but also for trendy design and relaxing vise. It will be a space to relieve daytime fatigue.

With a stand for flowers

A flower stand is an item for beautifully decorating flowers and foliage plants. With this flower stand you can create a more spectacular botanical interior regardless of the location or size of the plant. We have a wide variety of materials and designs such as wood, iron and plastic. Let us fit it into the bathroom interior you want to create.

In a hanging pot

Hanging pot decoration, in which plants are hung from the ceiling, poles and eaves, is simple but spectacular as an interior decoration. Ivy and potus, which are vines, are recommended. Choose a size that is not too heavy to hang. If you stick to the design and material of the pot, it will be more fashionable.

Botanical Bathroom Wallpaper

If you change the wallpaper with a botanical motif along with a bathtub decorated with many plants, it will be much more refreshing. There is also a wallpaper sticker for the bathtub, so it is spectacular to change the design simply on the whole wall of the bathroom. It seems fun to make yourself a view on a beautiful wall that is enjoyable when taking a bath.

Make it more fashionable with a pot

Decorative plants that are simply planted in plastic pots as an interior often do not look fashionable. In this case, make a pot lid to match the interior of the bathroom. The pot lid is a fashionable item that easily changes the foliage of plants with a high degree of design. If you match the color and design of the pot lid to match the bathroom interior, the green color will look better.

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