How to use WD-40 for home


WD-40 uses

WD-40 is an aerosol that is mainly used for technical purposes.

This lubricant is mostly used by craftsmen to unscrew rusted nuts, but the range of applications for this product is much wider than you might think.

WD-40 is also used in the home. It comes in handy at home for removing various stains from clothing and furniture.

WD-40 will help get rid of pencil on the walls

Great news for parents!
WD-40 is perfect for removing children’s first drawings from walls, floors and just about anywhere else your kids can reach.

WD-40 effectively removes colored pencils from most surfaces. Spray the product on the crayons and wipe gently with a cloth.

WD-40 can help get rid of glue stains

Forget about the tedious and thankless job of removing stickers and stickers from glass and ceramic tiles. For example, you can remove them from photo frames.

WD-40 is great for removing sticky residue from most adhesives. In particularly severe cases, you can use a plastic or rubber spatula to scrape off the sticker. Works on glass, clothing, etc.

WD-40 can help get rid of grease stains

Grease is an evil in every kitchen, but WD-40 makes it easy to clean it off surfaces – and clothes! It’s clean in return and no greasy shine.

Also used to clean the grill grate. To clean grease from the grill grate, moisten a sponge with WD-40 liquid and wipe the dirty surface thoroughly.

Grease splatter around the stove in the kitchen is very difficult to remove. WD-40 dissolves grease.

WD-40 can help get rid of door squeaks

Lubricates moving mechanisms in upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, sofas). If the springs of your sofa squeak, treat them with WD-40. And your furniture will again make you happy, not annoy you with its creaking.

Creaking doors can be a minor but unpleasant problem. WD-40 can quickly and easily lubricate hinges to prevent annoying squeaks.

Care of leather goods with WD-40

WD-40 is great for cleaning leather furniture. This miracle spray not only helps clean leather and restore its shine, but also protects the surface from damage and microcracks.

If you have a stuck zipper on your jacket, backpack or shoes, don’t rush to cut the zipper. Apply a little WD-40 to the jammed area of the zipper, and you can unzip it easily!

Taking care of your shoes with WD-40 is as easy as taking care of your clothes. If you have old shoes lying around in your closet, don’t rush to throw them away. Just spray some WD-40 on your old leather shoes, wipe them down with a rag and they’ll be much softer!

Ways to use c WD-40, a lot, it is quite a successful tool, without which at times just can not do!


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